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Hanscom AFB SCIF Request for Information

Massachusetts, United States
Government : Military
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Hanscom AFB SCIF Request for ***********
Number: *************

The U.S. Air Force, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, *********** Unit (PZI) at Hanscom Air Force Base, is issuing a Request for *********** (RFI) the supply of ********* Compartmented *********** (SCIF) to determine the interest, availability and capability of sources able to complete the effort below. This future requirement would use appropriated funds. Please note that this RFI does not constitute an awardable solicitation. In accordance with FAR 10.002(b), this RFI will be used for market research purposes.

This notice is for *********** purposes only and is not a Request for Proposal (RFP)/ an announcement of a solicitation nor is it a request to be placed on a solicitation mailing list.
This project consists of the following components with related questions underneath.


• SCIF, Retrofit Existing Space, approximately 1000 square feet
1. Approximate (budget) cost per square foot (Assume to a ceiling height of 10 feet)
2. Are there any special requirements to prepare the area to receive the SCIF?
3. What are the power requirements and how will power be connected?
4. Does the unit come with a fire suppression system? If so wha...

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