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Georgia, United States
Non-Profit : Charitable

The organization is Georgia's largest provider of housing and housing services for people living with HIV/AIDS. The agency serves over 1,750 individuals annually and tracks a significant amount of demographic, client service, and outcome data using the Pathways HMIS system.

The agency seeks an entity to provide Pathways HMIS data management services along the following scope of duties:

Preparation of the City of Atlanta annual HOPWA report .
This annual report must be completed each January and requires querying data to ensure that all applicable questions are completed accurately and consistently. Prior HOPWA APR experience is desireable, and a copy of the agency's most recent APR is attached attached as file "Doc 01 - sample HOPWA APR Form"

Preparation of the GA Department of Community Affairs HOPWA reports
The agency must submit quarterly statistical reports to the GA Department of Community Affairs, as well as an annual report. A sample Quarterly report is attached. Quarterly report is attached as "Doc 02 - sample DCA HOPWA Quarterly Form"

Provide statistical and outcome data for other funders
Including, but not limited to, quarterly statistical report for Fulton County, quarterly statistical report for DeKalb County, quarterly report for SIF, and an annual report for MAC AIDS Fund Clients served through these grants will need to be coded as such and data will need to be reported. A sample quarterly report is attached as "Doc 03 - Sample DeKalb County Quarterly Report". While each funder's reporting requirements are different, this form provides a sense of the data required.

Reconciliation between agency's HMIS data and Accounting data
Since all client-related check distributions are entered in both the HMIS system and accounting system, the agency reconciles this data monthly. The Director of Finance will send the contractor a monthly report of all client-related check disbursements that includes client's name, vendor's name, amount, and funding source. Contractor will compare the Director of Finance's report with HMIS and provide a report of any discrepencies.

Complete the Internal Program Dashboard
The agency completes a dashboard monthly for internal management purposes. Attached as "Doc 04 - Dashboard". Contractor will complete sections highlighted in yellow.

Provide 90, 180, 270, and 365 discharge reports
The contractor will provide a list of clients by program (with contact information and discharge date) 90, 180, 270, and 365 days after the last date of service (discharge). The agency uses this information to conduct outcome measurement follow-up.

Provide Miscellaneous Reports
Two to three times a month, the agency's grant writer will need additional or more detailed statistical information for a grant proposal or report.

Provide Ongoing Training
Contractor will be responsible for identifying HMIS-related training needs for our staff and providing training at least monthly.

Interested bidders should complete the following request for bids and return to Living Room by February 14, 2012.

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