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Washington, United States
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The Department of Ecology has as its mission to protect, preserve and enhance Washington's environment and to promote wise use of our air, land and water resources to the benefit of current and future generations. One of the ways that this is accomplished is through grant and loan programs to individuals, communities, cities, tribes and local governments to pay for environmental projects across the state. These grant and loan programs are located within many of the operating programs within the Department. Currently, Ecology administers approximately 22 different grant/loan programs.
Each year, Ecology processes an average of about 450 grant/loan agreements and 1,000 grant/loan applications from external customers (other agencies, municipalities, businesses, individuals, and tribes). In fiscal year 2011, these comprised financial obligations around $220,000,000.
Currently, Ecology does not have a comprehensive system to manage these grants and loans. Ecology's existing internal financial systems are primarily designed to manage the payable portion of the grant and loan process. These systems fall short of addressing the full range of needs of grant and loan programs from advertisement to closure. This has resulted in a proliferation of "shadow systems" in order to supplement the available functionality. These shadow systems require multiple data entry, are inconsistent across the agency and make agency- wide reporting impossible.
In the absence of a comprehensive grant and loan management system, the funding process uses hand tallying efforts in concert with a series of spreadsheets. There are no mechanisms to apply for a grant using an online application, and no system for ranking of grant/loan proposals. Once the grant has been awarded, there is no management of the fund allocation or a consistent way to manage and monitor funding agreements and their associated electronic and paper documents.

You will need to register in the State system and search for the project in the Department of Ecology for attachments.

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