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Generic Protective Gloves

Virginia, United States
Government : Military
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Request for Information- Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility

The Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility (NCTRF) is conducting a market survey to determine the availability of Berry Compliant Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) protective gloves. These gloves will be reviewed and evaluated. Promising candidate gloves could be used in future uniform procurements.

NCTRF seeks to identify alternate sources of commercially available protective gloves or glove systems for various uses including chemical, industrial, and puncture resistant. Samples submitted in response to the RFI should protect the lower arms and hands of personnel while performing various activities. This may include exposure to acid, alkali, aromatic fuels and organic solvents, or sharp objects. The gloves should be protective while maximizing tactility and dexterity.

To respond to this RFI, interested candidates are REQUIRED to submit the following for their submission to enable the Government to efficiently evaluate the viability and benefit of the proposed material(s):

1.Product/performance specification sheets, chemical resistance test data, drawings, photographs, and/or and product samples.
2. Estimated unit cost which may be broken down by quantity reflecting economies of scale.
3. Documentation stating whether product is available commercially and made domestically of domestic materials (must be Berry compliant - manufacturers must list the origin and place of manufacturing operations of all components).
4. Manufacturer POC.

Please submit responses by COB 31 May 2019 to the POC listed below. Product information shall be submitted at no expense to the Government and will not be returned. Proprietary data MUST be marked on a page-by-page basis, and will be kept confidential and protected in accordance with the Uniform Trades Secret Act.

Please submit responses to this notice to Desiree Marquant, Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility, 15 General Greene Ave, Bldg. 86, Natick, MA 01760. This notice is for market survey only. THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION OR REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS. No solicitation document exists. POC for this request is Desiree Marquant, 508-233-1375,

Desiree S. Marquant, Clothing Designer, Phone 5082331375, Email

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