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General Services Administration (GSA) seeks to lease space in Raleigh, NC

Government : Federal
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Delineated Area:

North: Highway 540

South: Highway 440 & Highway 64

West: Highway 540

East: Highway 440

(Email for the map of the Delineated Area)

Office Minimum Sq. Ft. (ABOA):

7,628 ABOA SF

Office Maximum Sq. Ft. (ABOA):

8,390 ABOA SF

Parking Spaces (Total):


Parking Spaces (Surface):

34 secured (See parking requirement details below under 'Additional Requirements')

Parking Spaces (Structured):


Parking Spaces (Reserved):


Full Term:

15 Years

Firm Term:

10 Years

Option Term:

1 Option for 5 Years

Additional Requirements:

Space shall be located in Flex or a warehouse.


•·        A building equipped with at least two points of ingress/egress with a direct route to the offered space is required.

•·        Offered secured parking area must be discrete.  

•·        The offered space must include a drive-in bay large enough to accommodate a 10 ft. long bucket truck that requires a minimum height clearance of 10 ft. or higher measured from floor to the lowest obstruction. The rollup door must be at least 10' wide.

•·        This requirement will house a federal law

enforcement office where employees can or have the potential to carry weapons, and people may be temporarily held and/or questioned.

•·        A minimum of 1,000 SF should be 12 feet and 0 inches or higher measured from floor to the lowest obstruction.

•·        If offered space is on the 2nd floor or higher a loading dock or loading area is required.

•·        If offered space is on the 2nd floor or higher, a freight elevator is required. 


Building must have a roll-up door with minimum height 10'; minimum door width is 10' to service 10' trucks.


The site must provide for 34 dedicated parking spaces.

The parking spaces may be a mix of secure and reserved spaces, depending on what the existing site allows for. As much as possible, the parking spaces should be discrete, and allow for obscure ingress and egress of the building by personnel. Parking lot layout should also allow for direct and unimpeded access to/from the street, allowing for quick vehicular ingress and egress. If necessary, the designated parking area should have privacy fencing (6 feet high minimum) if it backs to residential property.


Although the office space may be located close to major arteries or highway system, the entering and exiting of the building by personnel should be obscure as much as possible.


The ideal office space is not to be collocated with certain entities such as Probation Office, Public Defender's Office, or other Court family to help minimize mix between that group and personnel


The space must also avoid collocating with child care centers, grade schools, or other such facilities to with a high concentration of children and families.



On-site parking must meet/or exceed local code. 


Reserved car parking spaces must be available adjacent to the suite. 


All offered space must be contiguous within the building.


•·        The Space shall be located in a modern quality Building of sound and substantial construction with a facade of stone, marble, brick, stainless steel, aluminum or other permanent materials in good condition and acceptable to the GSA Lease Contracting Officer.  If not a new Building, the Space offered shall be in a Building that has undergone, or will complete by occupancy, modernization or adaptive reuse for the Space with modern conveniences.

•·        A fully serviced lease is required.

•·        Normal Hours of Operation: 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM M-F; offered space must be accessible 24/7.


Offered space shall not be in the 100 or 500 year flood plain.


Space must meet the Federal Government's standards for fire and life safety and be capable of being fully handicapped accessible.  Building must be capable of meeting the Government's security requirements.  All services, supplies, utilities, and tenant alterations are to be provided as part of the rental consideration. 


Brokers or agents may represent property owner, but written authorization from the owner is required.  Subleases are not acceptable. Space should not be located within the 100-year flood plain





Not all minimum requirements are reflected in this advertisement.


Other typical and special requirements as called for in the Request for Lease Proposal (RLP) package.



To submit a location for inspection, please forward information by 5:00 PM CDT, May 30, 2019. 


Expression of Interest Submission Instructions/Requirements:

Please provide the following basic information and descriptions pertaining to the building you propose for consideration. 


All submissions should include the following information:

•(1)   (1)    Name of owner;

(2)          Age of building;

(3)          Total existing gross square feet, and gross square feet per floor;

(4)          Site plan depicting the building and parking;

(5)          Floor plan and gross square footage of proposed space;

(6)          Identification of on-site parking;

•(7)    (7)  Address or described location of building;

(8)          Location on map demonstrating the building lies within the delineated area;

(9)          FEMA map evidencing that the property lies outside the 100-year floodplain;

(10)        A narrative and map describing proximity of the building to the nearest bus and/or train stop, and major transportation routes;

(11)        Evidence of ownership, if building submitted by owner.  Non-Owners (e.g. brokers) must provide evidence of authority granted by property owner to submit the property; and

(12)        Any information related to title issues, easements, or restrictions on the use of the building.

In no event shall the Offeror enter into negotiations or discussions concerning the space to be leased with representatives of any Federal Agency other than the officers and employees of General Services Administration (GSA) or their authorized representative, Studley, Inc.

All Offers of Space must be submitted in writing to:

Melissa Hein

Managing Director
Savills Inc., GSA Broker Contractor
399 Park Avenue
11th floor

Melissa Hein, Phone 212-326-1064, Fax 212-326-1034, Email

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