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Full Maintenance Services for Fayetteville and Fort Smith AR

Texas, United States
Government : Federal
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The General Services Administration, Public Building Service, Region 7, is issuing this sources sought synopsis as a means of conducting market research to identify parties having an interest in and the resources to support Full Maintenance services consisting of Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and Custodial services in Fayetteville and Fort Smith, AR at the following facilities: John Paul Hammerschmidt Federal Building and Courthouse (GSA Bldg. No. AR0084ZZ) located at 35 E. Mountain St., Fayetteville, AR 72701 has an area of approximately 64,187 total square feet; Judge Isaac C. Parker Federal Building and Courthouse (GSA Bldg. No. AR0021ZZ) located at 30 S. 6th St., Fort Smith, AR 72901 has an area of approximately 97,093 total square feet.

The applicable North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code to be assigned to this procurement is 561210 (Facilities Support Services); the associated small business size standard is $41.5 million. The requirement contemplated herein encompass approximately 161,280 aggregate total square feet among two facilities (Fayetteville and Fort Smith, AR).

The Contractor shall provide management, supervision, labor, materials, equipment, and supplies for full maintenance services, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, and repair of equipment and systems located within the property line of the building(s) listed above, to include the following:

Furnish all personnel, labor, equipment, materials, tools, supplies, supervision, management, training/certifications, and services, except as may be expressly set forth as Government furnished, and otherwise accomplish all actions necessary to or incident to, perform and provide the work efforts described in the contract.

Custodial services: Ensure that their employees are properly trained, licensed and/or certified to operate necessary building systems or equipment for which licensed and/or certified personnel are required by Federal, State, or local laws; codes, or ordinances; Be responsible to make the management and operational decisions to meet the quality performance standards required under this contract; Use innovation, technology and other means and methods to develop and perform the most efficient cleaning services for the building; Implement an effective Quality Control Plan (QCP); Implement an effective service call system that results in prompt, professional, and courteous resolution of tenant concerns; Keep the CO or their designee informed of current status of the work being performed, provide work schedules and provide other pertinent information needed by the CO or their designee; Reduce the environmental impacts of work performed under this contract by using, to the maximum extent, environmentally sound practices, processes, and products; Provide training/certifications for their employees that stress stewardship in cleaning practices i.e., the use, disposal and recycling of cleaning chemicals; and dispensing equipment and packaging. Current information on stewardship, training, educational materials and other issues can be found in ASTM E1971-05 or at the ASTM web site. Information on these items is also available on the web site: Stewardship for the Cleaning of Commercial and Institutional Buildings ( and ISSA's website (

Operations and Maintenance services: The Contractor shall provide building operations services for all systems covered by this Contract, maintain uninterrupted utilities services, and environmental conditioning to tenants during Normal Working Hours, and at other times as described in this PBWS, to preserve the asset value of the facility and its systems, and minimize operating costs to the Government without compromising other Contract objectives or requirements, including the following tasks: Collect and maintain an inventory of: (1) all equipment types that require maintenance or certifications pursuant to the PBS Maintenance Standards or applicable NFPA code or standards (latest edition), (2) equipment that is operated through a sequence of operations, (3) electronic controllers and network devices, (4) sensors, and (5) tenant agency-owned equipment operated or maintained; Collect and maintain the following equipment/system data including all applicable fire protection and life safety equipment/system data: Equipment ID, Equipment Type, Equipment Description, Asset Identification Code, all Nameplate data, Manufacturer, Model Number, Serial Number, Equipment Status, Building Number, Location (including floor, room, and location description) and install/initialization dates (as can be obtained from nameplate or manufacturer data available). For fire alarm systems, the Contractor shall also provide the current version of fire alarm software and the version of software for any systems with which the fire alarm software interfaces. A digital photo of the manufacturer's nameplate shall be entered into NCMMS if no current photo is recorded and stored in NCMMS; Maintain or implement same asset identification system for new and replacement equipment compliant with NCMMS-readable national asset identification coding. Some asset identification systems include bar-coding, Radio Frequency identification or other equipment tagging; Update equipment data when equipment is added, removed or retrofitted as part of a project, or discovered by GSA or the Contractor and log changes in accordance with provided NCMMS training; Review and update equipment records, including asset information, maintenance records and preventive maintenance records, anytime maintenance is performed on a piece of equipment; Use the workflow processes within NCMMS or alternate means approved by the CO or designee, to submit changes to the equipment inventory and preventive maintenance schedule within five business days of collecting and gathering equipment information and updating in NCMMS. All changes to equipment inventory and preventive maintenance schedule must be approved by the CO or designee; For assets covered by an ESPC contract, check the "ESPC" box on NCMMS Asset page; collect and maintain ESPC contract information

The result of this market research will contribute to determining the method of procurement, including type of small business set-aside. NO LARGE businesses need to respond to this notice. THERE IS NO SOLICITATION AT THIS TIME. It is anticipated that a solicitation will be issued in November 2019. This request for capability information does not constitute a request for proposals. Submission of any information in response to this market survey is purely voluntary. The government assumes no financial responsibility for any costs incurred associated with this request for capability information.

If your organization has the potential capacity to perform these contract services, please provide the following information:

(1) A complete and current record of your registration within the System for Award Management, located at The record shall include your DUNS number, organization name, address, point of contact name, email address, web site address, telephone number, type of organization, and small business type(s).

(2) A capability statement supporting claims of organizational and staff capability to perform operations and maintenance, ability to provide environmentally-responsible solutions and products, and methodology for supervisor/manager ability to hire/fire personnel, purchase needed supplies, materials, and equipment; and

(3) A list of operations and maintenance contracts and associated federal customers with a minimum value over $500,000 per year (performed within the last 5 years). Include whether the services performed are in multiple-buildings, multi-story buildings, courthouses, high-security areas, office buildings, and/or judicial offices. Also include the size of facilities (i.e., aggregate square feet. Please include the size range [smallest sq ft - largest sq ft] of the facilities as applicable). A point of contact (Building/Property Manager, Contracting Officer, etc.) to each identified contract related to item (3) above. Please provide the name, title, agency (or like concern), telephone number, email address, and physical address with the associated contract.

If significant subcontracting or teaming is anticipated in order to deliver technical capability, organizations should address the administrative and management structure of such arrangements.

GSA requests that potential sources only submit the minimum information necessary and no more than four (4) pages. All responses should be typed in a word document; (one-sided, 12 pitch, Times New Roman). The record does not count toward the 4 page minimum.
Telephone inquiries will not be accepted or acknowledged, and no feedback or evaluations will be provided to companies regarding their submissions. However, GSA may contact sources to gather additional information, if necessary.

Submission Instructions: Interested parties, excluding large businesses, who consider themselves qualified to perform the above-listed services are invited to submit a response to this Sources Sought Notice by 5:00 PM (CDT), Monday, October 21, 2019. All responses under this Sources Sought Notice must be emailed to Matthew Phillips, Contracting Officer, at

Matthew A. Phillips, Contracting Officer, Phone 8179780295, Email

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