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Fertilizer- City of Hialeah

Florida, United States
Download the rfp file: 148.pdf.

The mulch shall consist of pure wood fibers manufactured expressly from clean wood
chips. The chips shall he processed in such a manner as to contain no lead paint, varnish.
printing ink, petroleum based compounds or seed germination inhibitors. Fiber shall not
he produced from unknown origin recycled material such as sawdust. paper. cardboard,
or residue from chlorine bleached pulp and paper mills.
The cellulose wood fibers of mulch must maintain uniform suspension in water under
agitation and shall blend with grass seed, fertilizer and other additives to form a
homogeneous slurry. Upon application, the mulch material shall form a blotter-like mat
covering the ground. This mat shall have the characteristics of water absorption and
percolation and shall cover and bond grass seed in contact with the soil.
The wood fiber mulch shall be dyed green to aid visual metering during application. The
dye shall he biodegradable and not inhibit plant growth

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