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Fence Removal and Installation

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August 7, 2019

Fence Removal and Installation

Request For Information 1 Responses

1. On the SOW/Spec page, it specifies what type of woven wire has to be used, however, I can't find anywhere in the solicitation where woven wire would be used. Is the entire fence 4-strand barbed wire or are there also sections of woven wire?

A. There is no woven wire fence as stated in Item 2.G, it should be deleted from the SOW.

2. It also specifies that there will be a brace at every direction change and every 1/4 mile. It then says that there must be a single wood post every 1/4 mile where the wire must be cut and tied off to it. Why would there be any need for a single wood post every 1/4 mile if there is already an H-brace there?

A. Deleted Item 2.J. Wood treated post must be installed every ¼ mile minimum and wire cut and wrapped at that point.
B. Modify Item 2.E. as follows: "Braces: 6" X 8' TREATED SET POSTS WITH A treated brace rail or a steel pipe brace rail installed at changes in alignment direction, and at ¼ mile points. Wood treated posts shall have wire cut and wrapped at these points."

3. Also, it says that the gates have to be 5-wire gates, however it doesn't say how many or where any of these gates are located?

A. There is one 16 foot gate.

Joseph A. Covarrubio, Contract Specialist, Fax 979-260-9413, Email

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