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Fence Removal and Installation

Government : Federal
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This is a pre-solicitation for the U. S. ********** of Agriculture (USDA), ************ Service (ARS), Plains Area (PA), Fort Keogh Livestock & Range *********** 243 Fort Keogh Road, Miles City, MT. 59301. A Request for Quote (RFQ) will be issued on this Federal Business ************* website on or about July 8, 2019 for Ten miles of old fence removal and new fence installation.

This is a total set-aside for Small Business Concerns. The USDA is seeking a qualified Contractor to furnish all tools, equipment, material, permits, labor, and supervision necessary to accomplish the work as provided in the Contract documents, Plans, and Specifications, summary of which is provided below:

This project contains Items as listed below:
1. Remove 10 miles of existing fence wire and posts must be removed and stacked in designated locations. Existing fence is 4 strand barbed wire on wood posts.

Completion Time: 120 calendar days after receipt of the Notice to Proceed. Prior to commencing work, the contractor receiving award shall provide proof that an OSHA certified "competent person" (CP) (29 CFR 1926.20 (b)(2)) with 30-hour OSHA certification will maintain a presence at the work site whenever the general or subcontractors are prese...

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