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Fast Diodes for Time-resolved

California, United States
Government : Federal
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SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory is operated by Stanford University for the Department of Energy. As a management and operating contractor, subcontracts awarded by the Laboratory are not Federal procurements, and are not directly subject to the Federal Acquisition Regulations in 48 CFR. Nonetheless, certain Federal laws, Executive Orders, and regulations may affect our DOE approved purchasing system, as required by statute, regulation, or contract terms and conditions.

Please provide a written quotation for the following item(s) below. Brand name is equal to FMB Oxford.

1.)    PN: APD0008, APD head, 10mm x 10mm, 200μm, transmissive, QTY. 2/EA
2.)    PN: APD0002, APD ACE, PPU electronics, 1 ch, NIM, QTY. 2/EA
3.)    PN: CBY01502, APD ACE PPU cable, 10m, QTY. 2/EA


Source selection will be based on Lowest Priced method.

The bid closing date for this requirement is January 16, 2019 @ 1PM PST

Please include lead time in your quote. If available, provide academic, Government Institution, ICPT, or GSA discount.

Payment Terms: N-30

Freight terms: FOB Destination Prepaid and Add

Representations & Certifications Rider is required. Once completed the Reps and Certs is valid for one year until renewal. If you have already completed one within the year please disregard. Otherwise, please complete and return.

The resulting purchase order will be issued on a fixed price basis. SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Terms and Conditions for Fixed Price Commercial Supplies and Services (Rev. December 2016) will be made a part of the resulting order.

All subcontractors are required to register in the System for Award Management (

You are requested to mark and identify proprietary/confidential information provided in response to the solicitation.

Sophia A. Perry, Buyer II, Phone 6509263605, Email

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