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Exterior Preservation and Stabilization

Texas, United States
Government : County
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Perform preservation and infrastructure upgrades to the historic house in compliance with The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. The French Second Empire styled house was constructed between 1874 – 1877 and contains approximately 6,240 square feet of space and is located on a mostly flat site. The building is constructed of horizontally-laid pine planks, spiked together to form solid, laminated, structural walls and ceilings over a cast-in- place shellcrete basement. The scope of work includes structural stabilization and exterior preservation work. Exterior work: roof, gutter, dormer, and lightning protection system restoration, wood window and door restoration, repairs to wood siding and water table, porch repair/restoration, and painting. Interior work: limited demolition, salvage and reinstallation of tile and wood floors, replacement of iron beams and shellcrete vaults, removal of basement ceiling plaster, repairs to ceiling and wall wood structure, removal and reinstallation of basement MEP, safety upgrade to electrical system, polyurethane injection at perimeter of basement slab, installation of new basement sump pumps, and repairs to interior finishes.

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