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Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects - Strategic Communications Plan Implementation

New Hampshire, United States
Government : State
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NH Office of Energy and Planning (OEP) The NH Office of Energy and Planning (OEP) Requests proposals, in two phases, for results based implementation of outreach, education, and marketing to promote energy conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy adoption in the State of New Hampshire. Complete RFP in PDF form is available here

Phase I proposals will be received, considered and approved on a rolling basis, but in no case will they be accepted after 4 pm on March 30, 2011. An award schedule based on the meetings of the Governor and Executive Council is included on page 9 of this RFP. All activities proposed in Phase I applications must be concluded by December 31, 2011.

Phase 2 proposals must be received on or before June 9, 2011, with awards expected to be finalized by August 30, 2011. All activities for Phase II must be concluded no later than April 15, 2012.

OEP will evaluate responses to this RFP based on scoring criteria contained herein.

Proposals may be made for either or both of two grant phases. Applicants may submit more
than one application for distinct undertakings:
A. Phase I: Immediate Need
Entities with a demonstrated track record of exceptional impact through outreach,
education, or other promotion of energy efficiency and / or renewable energy and an
immediate need for funding of a specific campaign, event, or other activity may apply
for Phase I funding. These funds will be awarded to applicants that are able to make an
immediate and measurable impact on one or more targeted audiences.
Awards made under Phase I are expected to be made in March 2011 after Governor and
Council approval and must be expended by December 31, 2011. Awards will not be
made for activities that take place prior to the date of actual award. Phase I applications
should be for no less than $1,000 and no greater than $25,000. Approximately $50,000
will be made available for Phase I applications.
B. Phase II: Responding to the Strategic Communications Plan
In coordination with the Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy Board, and its
outreach and education subcommittee, OEP is retaining a private consultant to develop
a strategic communications plan that will guide public and private entities engaged with
promoting energy conservation, efficiency, and renewable generation in the State.
Phase II of this Request for Proposals is intended to fund those entities that will
implement one or more of the recommendations of the strategic communications plan.
Information about the strategic communications plan will be provided as supplemental
material to this RFP as they become available.
Awards made under Phase II are expected to be made in August of 2011 and must be
expended by April 30, 2012. Phase II applications should be for no less than $10,000 and
no greater than $200,000. Collaboration is encouraged. Approximately $250,000 will be
made available for Phase II applications.

Applicants may be for profit, not-for-profit, educational institutions, or government bodies (school
districts, towns, libraries, etc.). They must abide by the terms of the American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act, as found in the attachments to this RFP. However, given the nature of the
program, applicants are expected to be exempt from the Davis Bacon Act, National Environmental
Policy Act (NEPA), and the requirements of the Historic Preservation Act. Reporting and invoicing
must be provided to OEP monthly, including an accounting of how many hours of work were funded
by the grant. Additional details can be found in the attachments to this RFP.
Acceptable activities related to energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy in
both Phases include, but are not limited to:
workshops and conferences
speaking tours
video production and video dissemination
open houses
hands-on demonstrations
curriculum development and/or dissemination
classroom activities for students (any age)
dissemination of written materials
development/launch of a website or other electronic media
The following types of activities will not be funded under this request for proposals:
energy audits
capital equipment (i.e., boilers, air conditioners, vehicles, wind turbines, etc.)
construction costs
loans or other types of financing
building or land purchases (in whole or in part)
honoraria other than for reasonable compensation for speaking or teaching services
lobbying of elected officials
The goal of this RFP is to attract proposals that when implemented will result in decision-making or
other measurable decision making by New Hampshire residents, business owners, public officials,
etc. that lead to a reduction in the use of fossil fuels.
Examples of measurements showing the potential for impact, to include in your proposal:
Demonstrated impact of such activities in the past (such as evaluations, surveys, tests of
knowledge or attitude of those impacted before and after intervention, etc.)
Reference to studies or other literature demonstrating the impact of similar activities
Number of people to be reached
Type(s) of audience to be reached

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