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Electromagnetic Semi-Anechoic Chamber

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Wisconsin, United States
Download the rfp file: M-WERC EMI RFP.pdf.

The Midwest Energy Research Consortium (M-WERC) is a 501(c)3 organization promoting research, innovation, and talent development in energy power and controls in the Midwest.

M-WERC has launched a project to procure and develop a state-of-the-art Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) test chamber and integrated test measurement system that accommodates both conducted and radiated emissions testing and characterization. The purpose for this EMI test and characterization system is to enable early Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) exploration and EMI/EMC issue discovery on power systems. The chamber installation itself is separate from power supply and filtration. The power supply and associated EMC line filtering and other power conditioning measures are customized to accommodate the specialized electrical environment associated with high power EMI testing and, therefore, handled separately. The instrumentation and measurement system is also customized in order to enable both training and research activities.

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Electromagnetic Semi-Anechoic Chamber Project Requirements and Specifications:

Size: The exterior of the RF shield room needs to be 13.4m x 6.1m x 3.175m* (~40-44' x 19' x 10'5"H).

RF Shielding: High performance RF shielding enclosure with typical shielding attenuation figures validated according IEEE299.

Absorber: Ferrite absorber lining for walls and ceiling only. Frequency Minimum: 30 MHz - 1000 MHz.

Ability to mount and unmount the absorbers without adhesives.

Ability to add higher frequency absorbers if needed

One 0.40 m x 0.40 m (16" x 16") access panel on north wall

Sprinkler pipe penetrations.

Non-emitting LED light fixtures.

No AC/DC EMC line filter for DUT needed

Ground plane floor. (No wood or particle board products).

RF Shielded Door. 2.7m x 2.5m H (~8.9' x 8.2'H) double leaf, manual latch.

Ability to change the location of chamber door without major reconstruction of the chamber, modular construction.

Ability to relocate the whole chamber without significant additional cost.

Installation and Verification Testing Services

Quote to include shipping expense


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