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Economic Crimes Preventive Advisors

District Of Columbia, United States
Government : Federal
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The U.S. Department of the , Office of ********* Assistance (OTA), ******** Crimes Team (ECT) is on a competitive basis, with ********** laundering and ********** the of terrorism (AML/CFT) regulatory oversight expertise to serve as intermittent (part-time) advisors under a personal services contract. To be considered, candidates must be well versed and experienced in applying recognized standards and requirements related to AML/CFT financial and/or non-financial sector supervision. Significant international travel is required.


OTA works in partnership with its foreign government counterparts to carry out its mission to advance international financial security and stability through focused ********* assistance to government agencies in developing and transitioning economies.

The OTA/ECT - operating through resident or intermittent engagements - assists counterpart governments in the development and implementation of AML/CFT regimes. This work is premised on sound partnerships with host-country stakeholders at ministries of finance, justice, and interior; central banks and other regulatory bodies; and financial intelligence units. ECT ********* assistance is aimed at developing the capacity in counterpart countries to prevent, detect, investigate, and prosecute money laundering, terrorist , and the related illicit activity. It is comprehensive in nature and multi-dimensional in focus, to include mentoring and awareness-raising. Activities may also include legal framework development and training. This assistance ranges across the entire spectrum of governmental AML/CFT-related and enforcement activities.


• Assess need and potential for effective application of ********* assistance to help remedy areas of non-compliance by foreign counterparts with international standards related to financial and/or non-financial sector supervision.
• Design work plans collaboratively with ECT management and foreign counterparts to address those areas of non...

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