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Dry Docking and Ship repair

Armed Forces Middle East, United States
Government : Military
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collecting information on all potential ship repair contractors within the

Kingdom of Bahrain who may be able to provide the following services:


U.S. Coast Guard has a requirement to dry-dock, repair, overhaul and

provide maintenance on a USCG Ship for a future Dry-Docking  requirement.


The anticipated period of performance shall be from December through  March

2019 at a contractor's dry docking facility in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


The following are the principal dimensions for the ship:




Length overall : 110' 0" or 113' if stern flap present

Length between perpendiculars : 104' 1/2"

Depth : 10' 1/2"

Beam, molded : 21' 3"

Depth, molded : N/A

Full load draft : 6' 5-3/4"

Height of highest projection : 55'

Full load displacement : 165 long tons

Anchor : 150 lb Danforth with 450 ft. 3" nylon rope

Shore tie voltage requirements : 450VAC 400A 3PH, 60Hz ungrounded



Hull : BS-4360, GR 43A Steel

Main Weatherdeck & Superstructure: 5086 Aluminum Alloy

Frame Spacing : Various

Bulkheads : Seven watertight transverse

Fin Stabilizers : Frame 22-1/2


Please let us know if your company has the capability / capacity to Dry-

Dock this ship in your (contractor's) facility between December through

March 2019.


This requirement is restricted to the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Please remember this is a MARKET SURVEY only.


Please forward me a response no later than 05:00 PM (Bahrain local time) on

20 August 2019.


If your company is interested in this project, a formal solicitation will

be sent to your company to submit a proposal. 

This is a Request for Information only and your response to this survey is

not an offer.


This Request for Information does not commit the Government to pay any

costs incurred in preparation of a submission to this market survey

/sources sought nor does it constitute the execution of an actual contract

for services.


Thank you.



Lucy May Brooks

Contract Specialist

NAVSUP FLC Bahrain Code 200

☎DSN Tel: 318-439-3323 | ☎Comm Tel: +973-1785-3323

☎Comm Fax:+973-1785-3364 | email:




Lucy May Brooks, Contract Specialist, Phone 97317853323, Fax 97317853364, Email - ALDRIN PRAMOD PAL, CONTRACTING OFFICER, Phone 0097317859343, Email

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