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Detachment L & J Fire Renovation, Area I, Korea

Armed Forces Pacific, United States
Government : Military
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Design-Build Procurement and negotiated procedures resulting in a firm fixed price contract.

In accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) guidance, the prime contractor must have the capability to perform at least 12% of the contract work with his/her own employees.

Award will be based on best value - trade-off source selection.

The solicitation will be made available for viewing and/or downloading on or about 17 June 2019. The Offeror must possess Department of Defense (DoD) Top Secret FCL, issued in accordance with the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), DoD 5220.22-M. All members in a JV must possess at a minimum a Top Secret FCL at the date and time of solicitation release.

The solicitation will be released only to Offeror who possess at least a current TOP Security Facility Clearance. The Facility clearance will be validated by Far East District Security Operations Branch. The procurement will require any interested Offeror to sign and return the attached Controlled Unclassified Non-Disclosure Agreement. The Government will accept this item via email to Note: when submitting the signed Controlled Unclassified Non-Disclosure Agreement, it is important to include in the Offeror's letter, name, address, email address and Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code.

• Factor 1 - Construction and Design Experience
• Factor 2 - Past Performance
• Factor 3 - Price

All evaluation factors other than cost or price, when combined, are significantly more important than cost or price.

Magnitude of Project: The magnitude for this project is between $500,000 and $1,000,000. The construction contract is subject to specific limitation and availability of funds.

Description of Project: Install a fire suppression in a detachment facility, to include it's Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) space, utilizing conventional design and construction methods to accommodate the mission of the facility. The SCIF should be compatible with applicable DoD and base design standards. Facilities will be designed as permanent construction in accordance with the DoD Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 1-200-01, General Building Requirements, UFC 1-200-02, High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements, UFC 4-010-05, SCIF Planning, Design, and Construction. AFMAN 14-304, The Security, Use, and Dissemination of Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI), and DoD Manual 5105.21 V2, SCI Administrative Security Manual: Administration of Physical Security, Visitor Control, and Technical Security. This project will also comply with DoD antiterrorism/force protection requirements per UFC 4-010-01, DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings, and with Intelligence Community Directive Number 705 (ICD 705). This project fulfills US requirements only and will be designed and constructed for US exclusive use. The project location is not on a US installation. Construction phasing may be required to reduce mission impact.

Security Requirements: The Prime Contractor firm shall be responsible for detailing, implementing, and maintaining a construction security program complying with the requirements contained in the ICD 705 for overseas secure facility construction for the duration of the contract in compliance with the Construction Security Plan. The construction security program shall include all aspects of physical, personnel, technical, and procedural security as required to comply with ICD 705 for the final accreditation of the secure facility. At a minimum, the construction security program shall include, but not be limited to the following:

Personnel Nationality and Clearance Requirements for Construction: Prime contractor Firm shall be a company possessing a US Top Secret Facility Clearance Level (FCL). Work for this contract shall be performed by personnel who have a valid U.S. security clearance of TOP SECRET or higher. The Prime contractor firm shall be responsible for all costs associated with personnel, as well as coordination with construction activities to ensure that the work is accomplished without compromise to the construction security program.

Access Control Requirements: The Prime contractor shall maintain a secure construction site perimeter. A site wide badging system meeting ICD 705 requirements for overseas secure facility construction shall be implemented by the Prime contractor to control site access for all construction personnel, deliveries and visitors. Signage shall be displayed prohibiting items that cannot enter the construction area. Barriers shall be erected to deny unauthorized access to the construction area.

Control of Material: Material to be used for this project shall be procured securely as required by the ICD 705 for overseas secure facility construction. Non-inspectable materials to be used for this project shall be shipped securely to the construction site. Inspectable materials to be used for this project shall be inspected prior to use. All aspects of secure procurement, transit, inspection, and storage of materials for this project shall be the responsibility of the Prime contractor.

Performance Period: Duration of construction is one hundred eighty (180) calendar days from Notice to Proceed.

The tentative dates are as follows:

• Issue RFP: 5 August 2019
• Closing date for receipt of proposals: 6 September 2019, 1000 KST 
• Contract Award: 30 September 2019

Site visits is scheduled for:

Det J: Camp Casey PX
Date: 8 August 2019 at 1300 KST

Det L: Ganghwa Island rest stop (인삼센터휴게소) / Ganghwa meeting plaza 강화휴게소만남의광장
Date: 9 August 2019 at 0900 KST

NOTE: Contractor requesting to attend the site visit is required to provide contractor's name, name and social security number of person attending the site visit.

Please read Section 00 21 16 and Section 00 22 16

Jennifer Ko, Contract Specialist, Phone 825033556060, Email - Nicholas I. Johnston, Contracting Officer, Phone 825033556095, Email

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