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Data (ASCEND) For Veteran Suicide Prevention: Development Phase - 554

Colorado, United States
Government : Federal
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The of ******** Affairs Network Contracting Office (NCO) 19, Rocky ******** Center (RMAC) is seeking information and sources that can provide Social and ********* Environments with ******** Data For Veteran Suicide Prevention: Phase for the Rocky ******** Regional Veteran Affairs Medical Center located at 1700 N. Wheeling St. Aurora CO 80045. The intent ASCEND For Veteran Suicide Prevention: Phase is to provide and design a ******** survey of ******** that will:
1) Serve as a ******** surveillance system through recurring administration to document prevalence and trends over time in self-directed violence (SDV);

2) Provide estimates of the impact of risk and protective factors on SDV.

The scope of work will consist of 1) survey ; 2) stakeholder engagement; 3) collection and management of data; 4) analysis of data; ...

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