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Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment Nerc Cip Compliance

New York, United States
Download the rfp file: 61106220.pdf.

A completed copy of the Compensation Schedule must be submitted with each copy of
the proposal.
A. Proposer shall examine the RFP carefully. Any questions with respect to the RFP,
including an interpretation of the RFP or clarification of any ambiguity,
inconsistency or error therein, shall be addressed to the Authority in writing,
(email inquiries acceptable) to the Authority for response. Such inquiries may be
answered in writing by the Authority, as it deems necessary, as an addendum to
the RFP, and will be posted on the website. Any addendum
issued becomes part of the RFP, binding on all Proposers whether or not the
Proposer receives or acknowledges actual notice of any such addendum.
B. Only written interpretation(s) or correction(s) provided in any addendum shall be
binding. Proposers are cautioned that no officer, agent or employee of the
Authority is authorized otherwise to explain or interpret the RFP, and the
Proposer must not rely upon any such explanation or interpretation, if given. The
contract as defined in Article 15 of the AGREEMENT shall constitute the entire
AGREEMENT between the Proposer and the Authority.

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