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Country Program Coordinator (CPC) position for Malawi for the United States African Develpoment Foundation (USADF)

West Virginia, United States
Government : Federal
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Dear Potential Applicants,

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service, on behalf of the United States African Development Foundation (USADF), is seeking applications from qualified Malawian citizens living in Malawi to provide services as a Country Program Coordinator (CPC) in Lilongwe, Malawi under a Personal Services Contract (PSC), as described in the following solicitation: 20341919Q00001 This document describes the job of the Malawi CPC. Please read it carefully. This contract will be awarded for a Base Period of one (1) year and four (4), one (1) year Option Periods in accordance with the following Statement of Work (SOW) and Contract Terms and Conditions. Option periods are not guaranteed and will be exercised at the discretion of USADF based on the CPC's performance.

The applicant assumes full responsibility for ensuring that their responses are received at the place as delineate herein and by the date and time identified below. The Respondent assumes full responsibility for ensuring electronic submissions are formatted in accordance with Security Requirements. The preferred format fo application submissions are Microsoft Office Word (.doc/.docx) aor Adobe (.pdf). The following file extension are unacceptable: .bat, .cmd, .com, .exe, .pif, .rar, .scr, .vbs, .hta, .cpl, html, and mhtml and applicatio materials with these file extensions will not be considered. Files may be "zipped"; however, the file must b renamed with a file extension other than ".zip", as ".zip"extensions will be quarantined by IT Security and timel delivery cannot be guaranteed for consideration. Submitted materials with unacceptable or unreadable format may be found non-responsive.

Applications shall be e-mailed to, with the subject line
"Applications for 20341919Q00001 MALAWI CPC, Attention RGoff/AForeman" and received on or before 10:00 am EST on 07/05/2019. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. Although this request for applications is being posted in the Malawi field office, only complete applications submitted to the e-mail address above will be considered

A complete application shall include the following items:

1. In submitting your response by email, the subject line must reference: Applications for RFP 20341919Q00001 Malawi CPC, Attention RGoff/AForeman.
2. Provide a Cover Letter in English that demonstrates the applicant's capability to perform each of the required work responsibilities identified in Section 3.0 of the statement of work.
3. Provide a resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) that demonstrates the applicant has the required qualifications identified in Section 4.0 of the statement of work. Furthermore,
a. The resume or CV must be written in English
b. Write "20341919Q00001 MALAWI CPC" on the front page of the resume or CV.
c. Applicant should hand sign the last page of the resume or CV.

4. Provide a signed statement that you are a citizen of the Country of Malawi. (Please do not send a copy of an identification card with a photograph such as a driver's license, national identification card, or passport with your initial application. The Government will request a hard copy of one of the aforementioned items as proof at the Interview Phase of the Evaluation Process).
5. Provide a copy of applicant's educational diploma
6. Provide salary history for last three positions similar to the position as described herein;
7. Provide a list of three (3) references with contact information (telephone number and if available, email) Thank you for your interest in USADF. We look forward to reviewing your application.

Anna Foreman
Contracting Officer
The Bureau of the Fiscal Service

Robert Goff, Contract Specialist, Email - Anna Foreman, Contracting Officer, Email

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