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Corvallis Lab Exterior Paint

Oregon, United States
Government : Federal
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The United States Forest Service- Pacific Northwest Research station requires exterior painting for the Corvallis Forestry Sciences Lab located in Corvallis, OR. The work to be performed can be found in Attachment 01 - Statement of Work, Attachment 02 - Specifications Corvallis Lab Exterior Painting and Attachment 03 - Drawings Corvallis Lab Exterior Painting.

The Contractor shall furnish labor, supervision, equipment, materials, transportation, and any other incidentals to perform all operations necessary to accomplish the work set forth in the attachments. The Contractor shall provide all professional and technical personnel for this project, to include labor, transportation, tools and equipment to accomplish the work as described in the attachments. The work shall be in accordance with the contract clauses, specifications, and any other attachments as a result of this solicitation

Estimated Period of Performance: 90 days after notice to proceed

This requirement is a 100% small business set aside.

Ricky Mclellan, Contract Specialist, Phone 5038082225, Email

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