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Corrective Action Site Investigation at Amchitka, Alaska

Nevada, United States
Government : Federal
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The scope of services requested of the subcontractor to develop an engineered design to repair and stabilize three mud pit caps. To support the design, the subcontractor shall conduct a geotechnical site investigation at the Amchitka, Alaska, Site. The geotechnical investigation requirements are presented in this SOW. In conjunction with the geotechnical site investigation, the subcontractor will collect additional samples for chemical analysis. The chemical sampling requirements are provided in the attached Chemical Sampling and Risk Calculation Work Plan for the Amchitka, Alaska, Site (LMS/AMC/S22159) (Chemical Sampling and Risk Calculation Work Plan) (Attachment B). The subcontractor will be performing this geotechnical site investigation in order to assess slope stability of current conditions at select mud pit locations and the Mud Pit Repair design for potential in-place stabilization or relocation of select mud pits as discussed in this SOW. A Professional Engineer with current registration in the state of Alaska hereinafter referred to as the Engineering Subcontractor (ES) shall provide the above services.

Julie M Dorris, Contract Administrator, Phone 9702486684, Fax 970-248-6040, Email - Fred Hudson, Contracts Manager, Phone 970-248-6322, Fax 970-248-6040, Email

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