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Continuous Process Improvement

Georgia, United States
Government : Military
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The general scope of the requirement is to provide professional Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Black Belt support for innovation and CPI cultural transformation in AFRC. The Contractor shall provide support to agency personnel to transfer the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and sustain a CPI culture. This requirement will be for a 12 month basic ordering period and 4 annual 12 month ordering periods. PWS and CDRLs are uploaded.  Note there are 6 attachments embedded within the PWS. Possible performance locations are in an embedded attachment at the end of the PWS.  This effort will be a Total Small Business Set Aside.

CLIN structure is as follows:
X001  CPI 5 Day Event - Firm Fixed Price
X002  CPI 3 Day Event - Firm Fixed Price
X003  Travel - Cost Reimbursement No Fee - TBD at time of order
X004 Data - Not Separately Priced




PWS has updated attachments within the document.

See new attachment for a consolidated list of questions and answers from the Pre-solicitation notice.  No additional questions will be answered at this time.  Anticipate solicitation release within the next week.

Follow instructions found in the attached Soliciation #FA664319RA002 and 6 associated attachemnts. Note there are embedded attachments within the PWS.

Review and be familiar with the DoD SAFE document transmittal process found in Section L in attachment 5.  Visit and review the help section of the DoD SAFE site.  Do NOT wait until the last minute to submit your request for a Drop-off request code/link.  Email delays could cause a delay in my receipt of your request.

Proposals are due 23 Sep 2019, 2:00 PM Eastern.

Michelle M Linder, Contracting Officer, Email

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