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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) intends to award a purchase order for support to Translate Program Requirements for Three Data Extracts to Run and Produce Output from the IRS Compliance Data Warehouse (CDW). BACKGROUND: The Statistics of Income (SOI) currently arranges for data file extracts based on returns posted to the IRS Business Master File (BMF). These extracts have as their data source the IRS Business Returns Transaction File (BRTF). SOI is planning to change the data source to the IRS Compliance Data Warehouse (CDW) for improved management of resources devoted to these extracts. The CDW is a data repository for the population of returns posted and is maintained by the Data Management Division (DMD) of Research, Applied Analytics, and Statistics (RAAS). It pulls in data from the BRTF but assigns different nomenclature, such that a data variable shall have one name on the BRTF and a different one on the CDW. This data repository consists of a vast number of database tables, which requires a working knowledge of the content as well as the process for querying and joining variables from different tables to produce required output. This knowledge of the CDW does not exist in a significant way in the SOI business area for which this work is based, so there will be knowledge transfer aspects of this work. Prior experience in working with the CDW is therefore required. The existing project work consists of a collection of five data file extracts taken from the BMF. The subject extracts are as follows: AED-BMF, with an approximate existing file size of 53.7 million bytes, QFR-Corp Data, with an approximate existing file size of 2.4 billion bytes, and Form 941, 943, 944, with an approximate existing file size of 355 million bytes TASK DESCRIPTION: Write programming code using SQL, SAS or the R programming language to produce data files from the CDW for each of the three subject extracts. Existing program requirements packages (PRP) used to document the current process for extracting the data directly from the BRTF shall be used, as the current programs are written in Assembler Language. As part of the programming code, it shall be necessary to determine and incorporate the correct variable names on the CDW for each extract. It shall also be necessary to incorporate the correct programmatic processes to link different data variables among different CDW database tables to achieve the correct results. For any cases in which programmatic requirements are unclear in the PRPs, consult with designated SOI staff to help determine correct course of action. Once all code is written and in consultation with SOI staff, determine the Business Master File (BMF) posting cycles for which the programs written in SQL, SAS or R for each of the three extracts referred to II A. and II B. shall be run from the CDW. Run the code and extract resulting output for agreed upon posting cycles into a file for review. In consultation with SOI staff, compare results from same cycle extracts previously run directly from the BRTF to extracts run from the CDW in II D. Identify and determine causes for differences. Determine course of action to produce correct results and adjust new programming code as needed. Repeat runs from the CDW to produce correct results. Document any changes needed to the respective PRPs resulting from the comparison and course of action in II E and provide to SOI. Scope of work needed for the remaining two extracts will be determined by SOI. DELIVERABLES AND SCHEDULE OF PERFORMANCE: TBD Post award. Award on Best Value to the Government. North American Industry Classification System code (NAICS), 541511 Custom Computer Programming Services. Alternatively, depending upon the progress of the coding stage, SOI reserves the option to proceed to the output and comparison stage earlier based on even one or two coded extracts to obtain an early indication of data pulling and extract issues encountered. This would be a change in sequence only that would not affect the overall period of performance. Contractor shall provide monthly progress reports to summarize work completed, progress made, and identify impediments, if any, to completing work. The contractor shall furnish results of all work. An engagement meeting shall be conducted with SOI staff the. ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA FOR DELIVERABLES: The SOI Division shall have the right to reject or require corrections to a deliverable that does not address the requirements set forth in the description of the deliverables. Any programming code must be capable of replication by SOI staff through the use of enterprise-approved IRS software. Interested parties may submit a proposal not longer than 10 pages in length, explaining your abilities to perform these tasks. The request is submitted under the guideline of FAR Part 13, Streamline Acquisition Procedures (SAP). Potential sources who believe they can provide the service listed above are invited to submit proposals in writing to no later than on Wednesday, September 18, 2019, at 12:00pm, EST. Information received will be considered solely for determining whether to conduct a competitive procurement. Oral communications shall not be considered responsive. A determination by the Government to compete this proposed contract based on responses to this notice is solely at the discretion of the Government.

Mabel Wonodi,, Phone 2406135040, Email - Tracy Holland, Phone 240-613-8173, Email

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