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Capture the Flag Training

Virginia, United States
Government : Military
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The Government is looking to identify qualified sources under the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 541511, Custom Computer Programming Services. This Notice seeks industry comments to assist the Government. If you have any comments or find any ambiguities, please advise the Government to develop the proper acquisition strategy.

Responses from "all" sources is requested. Other than Small Businesses, Small Businesses, 8(a) small businesses, HubZone small businesses, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses, Woman-Owned Small Businesses and Economically disadvantaged Women-owned Small Businesses are encouraged to respond.

This notice is for market research purposes only and is not a Request for Quote (RFQ), nor does it restrict the Government as to the final acquisition strategy. The Government will not reimburse respondents for any costs incurred in preparation of a response to this notice.


The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Cyber Enterprise Team (CET) requires expert technical support to sponsor Capture the Flag (CTF) Competition Events as part of a larger Cyber Acquisition Focus Outreach Events across DoD. The Cyber Acquisition Focus Outreach Events will include panels and briefs mainly concerning weapon system and regional SYSCOM relevant cybersecurity areas.


The objective of this requirement is to conduct a Capture the Flag event for regional customers. The contractor shall plan, conduct and analyze the results of a one-day CTF event relevant to regional SYSCOMs.

Questions for Capture the Flag Requirement

Please provide information and address each of the six questions identified for the Capture the Flag requirement listed below:

1.Describe your experience in conducting weapon system relevant cyber competition that will enhance learning, attract attention, garner customer requirements and identify cyber capable personnel.
2.Do you have an existing Off the Shelf (OTS) capability to conduct, and analyze the results of one-day Capture the Flag events, incorporating a relevant military weapon systems scenario, and on site and local area stand-alone capability? If so, please describe the OTS capabilities and experience with execution and ability to tailor and execute immediately (2-3 weeks' notice) and up to 4 times per year.
3.Is your company capable of supplying all computer and audio-visual media and equipment required per person? If so, is this capability transportable to any location in the continental U.S. within 30 miles of selected DoD sites at no extra cost?
4.Can your company meet the requirements for a DAU UNCLASSIFIED, stand-alone, equipment provided, local area (within 30 miles of selected DoD site), and military weapon system applicable event?
5.Provide a Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) price estimate for conducting a one day Capture the Flag event and analysis of results for 60 participants, including provision of local venue, equipment, and instructors.
6.Describe the experience of your instructors. Do they have previous Department of Defense or other Federal Government cybersecurity teaching and operational experience? If so name the organizations and learning programs.

Note: Due to the nature of DAU's Mission Assistance Training Programs, DAU may only be able to provide 2-3 weeks' notice for upcoming events. Events occur throughout the continental United States, within 30 miles of DoD bases.

Submission Requirements:

Interested firms should submit their response to include a capabilities statement covering experience, staffing and technical capabilities. The capabilities' statement should address the Task areas identified above and for each Task Area demonstrate how the firm's recent past performance (last 3 years) is relevant including the dollar value, period of performance, size and scope of the firm's prior contracts.

The following information is also requested and should be included with your capability information: Please indicate whether your firm will submit a quotation if a Request for Quote (RFQ) is issued and whether your firm's interest is for prime contracting or as a subcontractor.

Do not include proprietary, classified, confidential, or sensitive information in your response to this Request for Information Notice. The Government reserves the right to use any information provided by respondents for any purpose deemed necessary and legally appropriate, including using technical information provided by respondents in any resultant solicitation. Responses to this Notice will not be returned.

Response Format: To facilitate a timely and comprehensive review of all submitted responses, firms should respond using the format requested in this Notice. Any deviation from this format may lead to the rejection of the response.

All interested firms having the experience, skills and capabilities necessary to perform the stated requirements are requested to provide capability statements between 3-5 pages - no more than 5 pages maximum- in "Times New Roman" 12-inch font on 8.5 x 11 paper that include the following information:

1)Company name, address, point of contact name, telephone, and email address.
2)CAGE Code and DUNS Number.
3)Business size status (business size/socio-economic category must be submitted to be used).
6)A description of Corporate Experience for similar contracts and/or projects accomplished within the last 3 years. The description must include where, when, and for whom each similar contract and/or project was performed and a brief description of each contract and/or project, including the size, scope, dollar value, and period of performance. This information must demonstrate how the firm's recent Corporate Experience (last 3 years) is relevant to the DAU Capture the Flag Requirement. At least one relevant corporate experience within DoD is required.

No hard copy or facsimile submissions will be accepted. Cover letters and extraneous materials (brochures, etc.) will not be considered.

Capability Statements: Vendors must demonstrate their ability to comply with the requirements in this Request for Information Notice in order to be considered capable of satisfying the Government's requirement. Overall page will be limited to 5 single-sides pages.

Yudi A. Carmona, Contract Specialist, Phone 7035453039, Email

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