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NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD A SOLE SOURCE CONTRACT- THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR COMPETITIVE QUOTES. The U.S. Department of Energy, Western Area Power Administration (WAPA), Desert Southwest Regional Office (DSW), intends to award a sole source purchase order under the authority of FAR 13.106-1(b)(1), to Gila River Indian Community, 151 S. Bluebird Rd., Sacaton, AZ 85147-0000, United States, to
provide a Cultural Resources Inventory for Western facilities falling within the boundaries of the Gila River Indian Communities (GRIC). The basis for this sole source award is outlined in the Single Source Justification information below:

2. Description of supply or service required to meet the agency's needs.
This is a sole source (firm-fixed price) acquisition, to Gila River Indian Community's Cultural Resources Management Program, is for the procurement of cultural resources monitoring services during WAPA's maintenance and emergency repair actions occuring within historic properties on the Gila River Indian Reservation.

3. The rationale or circumstances for limiting competition.
GRIC is listed with the National Park Service as a Tribal Historic Preservation Office (THPO), and as such they have formally assumed the duties and responsibilities for the State Historic Preservation Office in ensuring National Historic Preservation Act compliance on tribal land. The THPO plan filed with the National Park Service
states that the GRIC-CRMP provides all phases of archaeological investigation services to the Community in compliance with federal, state, and Community laws and regulations. As a GRIC Tribal department, CRMP provides cultural resource management and compliance services to all GRIC Departments and other Tribal and non-Tribal entities working on the reservation, or in the interest of the
Community, in fulfillment of GRIC ordinances and federal and state laws and regulations. CRMP provides archaeological and cultural resource expertise for the management of archaeological sites, traditional cultural properties or places, and for Community artifact collections. CRMP maintains archives and site files as a repository of heritage resource information. The CRMP has provided a statement to Western that "It is the Community's position that GRIC-CRMP shall be the sole provider of cultural resource management services for all undertakings on Community lands. Any non-GRIC cultural resources consultant would be required to obtain a GRIC archaeological license in order to conduct archaeological work on Community lands. Such licenses would not be issued without the support of GRIC-CRMP, the Tribal Historic Preservation Office, and the Land Use Planning and Zoning Department."  All responsible sources may submit a capabillities statement, proposal, or quotation, which will be considered by the agency.  Please email all correspondence.  Phone calls will not be accepted.

Don W. Reed, Contract Specialist, Phone 6026052768, Email

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