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Ohio, United States
Government : Military
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NSN(s): 1005-01-359-5610

Item Description:


Item is being procured in accordance with:


Quantity: 12 EA with a 100% option

Unit of Issue: EA

Inspection/Acceptance: Destination

FOB: Origin - First Destination and Transportation (FDT) applies

Delivery Schedule: 180 days

One or more of the items under this acquisition may be subject to an Agreement on Government Procurement approved and implemented in the US by the Trade Agreements Act of 1979. All offers shall be in the English language and in US dollars. All responsible sources may submit an offer/quote which shall be considered..

The solicitation will be available on the Internet at on or about 06/27/2019.

The Small Business size standard is 1,000 employees.

This is an other than full and open competition acquisition and will be solicited per FAR part 15. This is not set-aside for small business

Hard copies of this solicitation are not available. Technical drawings/bid sets are available after the same issue date on the Internet at then click the cFloders under the Technical Data tab. Requests should include the RFP number, opening/closing date, NSN, purchase Request Number, buyer's name and your complete name and address. FEDERAL, MILITARY AND COMMERCIAL SPECIFICATIONS CANNOT BE PROVIDED BY DSCC.

This item has technical data some or all of which is subject to Export-control regulations. Distribution of the technical data and eligibility for award are limited to those suppliers qualified through JCP certification, or to those licensed by either the departments of state or commerce; or to foreign suppliers pursuant to international agreements.

To apply for JCP certification, complete DD form 2345, military critical technical data agreement, form is available at the world wide web address:

Or by writing to:

DLA logistics information service
Federal center
74 Washington Ave., north
Battle Creek, mi 49037-3084

To manufacture this item, non-JCP certified suppliers must submit a current manufacturing license agreement, technical assistance agreement, distribution agreement or off-shore procurement agreement approved by the directorate of defense trade controls with the offer, unless an exemption under the provisions of ITAR section, 125.4 exemptions of general applicability, and/or ear part 740 are applicable.

Non-JCP certified suppliers seeking export controlled technical data are required to provide the contracting officer with an applicable agreement or identify which ITAR/ear exemption applies to receive a copy of the export controlled technical data.

Note: JCP certified contractors who receive technical data pursuant to their DD form 2345 certification may not further disseminate such data unless further dissemination of the technical data is expressly permitted by DODD 5230.25.

Based on market research this item is manufactured for military use only and is not commercial; therefore, the Government is not using the policies contained in FAR Part 12 in its solicitation for this item. However, interested persons may identify to the contracting officer their interest and capability to satisfy the Government's requirement with a commercial item with 15 days of this notice.

While price may be a significant factor in the evaluation of offers, the final award decision will be based upon a combination of price, delivery, past performance and other evaluation factors as described in the solicitation.

L&M Proc Note 215-9008 INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMISSION OF OFFERS will be included in the solicitation. The following method(s) of submitting a proposal are authorized in the solicitation:

1. DIBBS Upload - to submit an offer through DIBBS, search for the solicitation then click the red "offer" button on the search results screen. (Note: Users must be logged onto DIBBS in order to submit the offer through DIBBS.) For additional guidance, refer to

2. Email Proposals - Proposals, including modifications and revisions per FAR 15.203(c)), may be received by electronic commerce methods

This item has technical data some or all of which is subject to export-control of either the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) or the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and cannot be exported without the authorization of either the Department of State or the Department of Commerce prior to export. Export includes disclosure of technical data to foreign nationals whether located in the United States or abroad. This requirement applies equally to foreign national employees or U.S. companies and their foreign subsidiaries.

DLA has enhanced its Joint Certification Program (JCP) registration and validation procedures. Selected National Stock Numbers (NSNs) will require additional permissions to access the associated technical data. In the event a vendor cannot access the technical data for a NSN in DLA cFolders, the vendor must submit a onetime request to for technical data access consideration. If a vendor has inquiries after having submitted required information to the JCP office, these inquiries are to be directed to

DLA processes the vendor's technical data request on a first come, first served basis. Failure to comply timely with required information may result in lack of consideration for DLA solicitations. It is vitally important that vendors provide correct company official name(s) and contact information in all correspondence. DLA will work diligently on validating vendor requests. Vendors will be notified within 3 business days of when their requests were approved. However, DLA cannot guarantee that it can complete all validation requests by the due date for any solicitation responses



Mindy M Cook, Purchasing Agency , Phone 6146921798, Email

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