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Pennsylvania, United States
Government : Military
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NSN 7H----1-GL, TDP VER 003, QTY 5 EA, DELIVER TO W25G1U, W1A8 DLA NEW *********** PA 17070-5002, ********* NIIN IS 7H, ----1, GL, CIRCUIT CARD ASSEMB, 900-13330, DELIVER TO W62G2T, W1A8 DLA DIST SAN TRACY, CA *********** ********* NIIN IS 7H, ----1, GL, CIRCUIT CARD ASSEMB, This part must be acquired from/repaired by a source(s) specified on a source control or selected item drawings as defined by the current version of DoD-STD-100. Suitable technical data, Government data rights, or manufacturing/repair knowledge are not available to permit acquisition from/repair by other sources, nor qualify testing of another part, nor use of a second source part in the intended application. Although, by DoD-STD-100 definition, altered and select items shall have an adequate technical data package, data review disclosures that required data or data rights are not in Government possession and cannot be econmoically obtained. Interested parties may obtain copies of Military and Federal Specifications and Standards, Qualified Products Lists (QPLs), Qualified Product Databases (QPDs), Military Handbooks, and o...

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