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Building Resilient and Inclusive Communities in Conflict (BRICC) Activity

Armed Forces Middle East, United States
Government : Federal
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The Resilience Objective (RO) of the Building Resilient and Inclusive Communities in Conflict (BRICC) activity is to foster resilience and stability in conflict-affected communities across Syria to prevent the re-emergence of extremist groups such as Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS); counter the influence of malign actors such as Iran; empower communities to negotiate a peaceful resolution to the conflict; and pave the way for safe, dignified, and voluntary return of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees. BRICC Task Order (TO) Contractors (e.g., BRICC Contractor(s)) are expected to achieve this RO by working with stakeholders to achieve five intermediate results (IR):

(1) essential services restored and accessible;
(2) inclusive, participatory, accountable, and transparent governance strengthened;
(3) livelihoods restored and economies revived;
(4) access to education and vocational training expanded; and
(5) access to healthcare, mental health, and psycho-social support services expanded. To achieve this RO, BRICC TO Contractors are expected to apply an integrated, multi-sectoral, conflict-sensitive approach across all IRs. TO Contractors are expected to coordinate and collaborate closely with other USAID and U.S. Government (USG) activities and like-minded donors.

Rima A. Kayyal, Email - Tracy J. Miller, Contracting Officer, Email

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