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Baker Canyon Low-Water Crossing Graham County, AZ

Arizona, United States
Government : Federal
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Amendment 1 - Furnish Geotechnical Report, Pictures, and extend solicitation to July 16, 2018. Questions and Responses forthcoming in subsequent amendment.

Furnish all labor, materials, equipment, tools, transportation, and supplies necessary to complete the design and construction of a reinforced concrete low-water crossing on Bonita Creek Road in Baker Canyon within the Gila Box Riparian, NCA.

The Work consists of designing and constructing a concrete low-water crossing. The Work may also involve but is not limited to Surveying; hydrology; design for degradation, aggradation and scour; permitting; coordination with entities having jurisdiction; clearing and grubbing; grading road to a new alignment, elevations and locations; constructing a bypass road; setting of concrete forms; placing and compacting fill material imported B?and/orB? in situ; drilling into bedrock; placing reinforcement steel; placing and finishing concrete; backfilling; installing drainage including weep holes; placing rip-rap; final grading of and shaping of road for new approaches to the concrete low-water crossing; limited asphalt placement if any; clean-up; and correcting punch list items if any.

Hetterly, David

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