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Architect-Engineer Services for one (1) Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity Contract for Survey and Mapping Projects Primarily within the Central Command (CENTCOM) Area of Responsibility (AOR)

Kentucky, United States
Government : Military
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1.) GENERAL CONTRACT INFORMATION: This contract is being procured in accordance with the Brooks A-E Act as implemented in FAR Subpart 36.6. Firms will be selected for negotiations based on demonstrated competence and qualifications for required work. NAICS code for this procurement is 541 -- Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services/541370 -- Surveying and Mapping (except Geophysical) Services. This announcement is set aside for Small Businesses only.

One (1) Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contract will be awarded. The proposed services are for a variety of Architect/Engineer services for surveying and mapping for various military and civil works projects primarily within Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait, and other countries in the CENTCOM AOR mission boundaries. One contract will be selected for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Middle East District. The USACE Middle East District mission boundary is defined by the CENTCOM AOR. Projects outside the primary mission area may be added at the Government's discretion upon agreement of the A/E firm. The maximum cumulative contract value for the contract is $9,000,000. The contract period is for a base year and up to four (4) one-year options. Projects will be awarded by negotiated individual firm fixed-price task orders. There is no minimum or maximum on the amount of individual task orders, except the remaining capacity of the overall contract value will not be exceeded. The contract period is cumulative, not to exceed five (5) years from the date of award.

The top ranked firm will be awarded the contract. If necessary, secondary selection criteria will be used as a tiebreaker between firms considered as technically equal. Significant emphasis will be placed on the A/E's quality control procedures, as the District will perform the quality assurance role only. Estimated start date is October 2018.

In accordance with FAR 36.604 and supplements thereto, and upon final acceptance or termination, all task orders above $35,000 will receive a performance evaluation. A performance evaluation may be prepared for lesser task orders and interim performance evaluations may be prepared at any time. Performance evaluations will be maintained for use in future source selections for architect-engineer services.

2.) PROJECT SPECIFIC INFORMATION: Provide personnel, equipment and logistical support to accomplish survey data collection activities in the geographic location of the Middle East.

Provide Topographic services utilizing global position systems (GPS), line of sight instruments and remote sensing equipment.

Locate and tie to existing control points and benchmarks for survey and establish any new control points and/or benchmarks that may be required.

Perform correction calculations to document the accuracy of location and elevation of points and closure of boundary shapes.

Locate existing surface and subsurface features on land and submerged under water to include natural ground, constructed and abandoned structures, landmarks and utilities. Use equipment to locate utilities underground via ground penetrating radar or other standard methods.

Install boundary monuments and benchmarks.

Work may include minor excavation to locate and inspect constructed utilities.

As specified by the government, correct collected survey data to accuracy requirements and create digital terrain models in required formats.

Perform mapping activities which combine collected survey data, literature search material with aerial, satellite and remote sensing imagery from various sources provided by the government.

Perform literature searches by paper or electronic means to document past and present topographic conditions of the survey locations.

The project will also include land surveys such as geodetic horizontal and vertical control surveys, route location surveys, topographic surveys, quantity surveys, construction layout surveys, and other land-based surveys. These services will be used as necessary to support engineering studies to include design and construction, planning.

Control survey capabilities must include sufficient personnel and equipment necessary to meet the requirements for all levels of FGCS and NGS specifications (

Hydrographic survey capabilities must include single- and multi-beam echosounders integrated into a positioning system that is RTK- and PPK-GNSS capable, and must also be capable of collecting, high-resolution sidescan sonar data from a towfish mount.

All work is to be performed under the supervision of a Registered Land Surveyor or a Registered Civil Engineer. Firms must be able to deliver data in the formats requested by the Government. These formats include, but are not limited to: Bentley Microstation and InRoads, Digital Terrain Model (DTM) InRoads compatible. The files may be requested on CD, DVD, external hard drives (HDD), or DoD-compliant electronic transfer (such as AMRDEC SAFE). The Government will only accept the final product, without conversion or reformatting, in the requested format(s).

Firms must have the capability of complying with the most recently published version/edition of USACE Engineering Manuals (EM): 1110-1-1000, 1110-1-1002, 1110-1-1003, 1110-1-1005, 1110-1-2909, 1110-2-1003, 1110-2-2907, 1110-2-4000, 1110-2-6055, 1110-2-6056. Engineer Manuals are freely available as PDF online at: Firms must also have the capability of complying with the most recent release of published A/E/C CADD Standards, freely available online at

Firms must provide resume(s) of all key personnel as requested below, and a summary of the capability for performing all surveying must be submitted.

3.) SELECTION CRITERIA: Selection criteria in descending order of importance are listed below "a" through "e" are primary, and "f" through "g" is secondary.

a. Professional Qualifications:
The government's evaluation of professional qualifications will consider education, training, certifications, registrations, overall experience, relevant experience, and longevity with the firm.

b. Specialized Experience and Technical Competence:
The government's evaluation of Specialized Experience and Technical Competency will consider example projects in SF330 Section F which include the Specialized Experience and Technical Competencies below. The government also will consider the same Specialized Experience and Technical Competencies of individual team members in SF330 Section E.

1. Field surveys (topographic and geodetic)
2. Capabilities in geodetic surveying and topographic mapping using GPS/GNSS
3. Creation of 2D and 3D digital files including various digital elevation models (Digital Terrain Model (DTM) InRoads compatible, etc.), derived from combination of photogrammetric, land survey, and/or hydrographic survey methods must be created in the format requested by the government (conversion and/or reformatting is not acceptable). These formats include, but are not limited to: Bentley Microstation and InRoads, Excel survey data base file and ASCII. CAD files will conform to the most recent release of published A/E/C CADD Standards, freely available online at
4. Ability to not only work in Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) World Geodetic System (WGS84) but also the ability to use or convert to different country-specific coordinate systems as necessary.
5. Ability and experience using equipment to locate utilities underground via ground penetrating radar or other standard methods.
6. Ability to request from the base's Public Works, Survey Department the list of existing control points and benchmarks located in the vicinity of project sites and/or establish new control points and/or benchmarks that may be required.
7. Install property boundary monuments at property corners and benchmarks.
8. Locate geotechnical investigation test pits and borings both horizontally and vertically.
9. Locate pertinent existing features such as manholes; storm drain inlets and culverts (including depth, size of pipe, etc.); waterline valves and appurtenances; airfield lighting, centerlines, edge of pavement, edge of shoulder; etc.
10. Photogrammetric production
11. GIS data development and system design in compliance with current FGDC Endorsed Standards ( and experience and capability to provide products in Esri and Bentley GIS formats including SDSFIE compliant geodatabases (

Additional consideration will be given to offerors who provide prior experience between team members working on the same project included in SF330 Section G.

Additional consideration will be given to offerors who provide a brief Quality Management Plan in SF330 Section H that demonstrates a clear understanding of USACE quality management policies and that details quality management activities that will be used in addition to those required by USACE policy.

Additional consideration will be given to offerors who can show the ability and experience in the process of obtaining base access permits for locations included in this solicitation.

Additional consideration will be given to offerors who provide a brief Quality Management Plan in SF330 Section H that demonstrates a clear understanding ability to work with Base public works departments within the CENTCOM AOR relative to item b-6 above.

Additional consideration will be given to offerors who provide a brief Quality Management Plan in SF330 Section H that demonstrates a clear understanding ability to work with Component of the DoD relative to item b-11 above.

c. Capacity:
The government's evaluation of the offeror's capacity narrative included in the Design Quality Management Plan in SF330 Section H will consider the offeror's ability to complete the work in the required time with the understanding that this contract may require multiple teams to work multiple task orders at various locations simultaneously.

d. Past Performance: Past performance of the A-E, and key subcontractors on Department of Defense (DoD) and other contracts with respect to cost control, quality of work, and compliance with performance schedules, as determined from Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS) Contractor Performance Assessment Report System (CPARS) and other sources. Offerors may use the Past Performance Questionnaire (PPQ) template provided with this announcement for use in documenting past performance.

e. Knowledge of the locality of the project. Submitting firms should demonstrate knowledge of the area covered primarily within Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait, and to include the possibility of other countries in the CENTCOM AOR. Examples include knowledge of geological features, climatic conditions, local construction methods, and local laws, codes and regulations.

f. Volume of work of DoD contract awards within the last 12 months.

g. Projects similar in scope to this project include:

Topographic ground survey and mapping to produce digital terrain (three-dimensional) models for computer-based earthwork design and calculations.
Survey with Literature Search, Imagery, Orthophotography, Hydrographic and Range Line Surveys.
Bathymetric, Side-Scan and Magnetometer Survey, Tide Wave and Current Measurement. Hydrographic surveying capabilities using RTK- or PPK-GPS/GNSS, acoustic/sonar, and conventional survey techniques.
Topographic ground survey and mapping to produce three-dimensional utility maps.
Production of GIS databases from three-dimensional survey data.

4.) SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Offerors must submit five (5) hard copies and one (1) electronic copy on CD of the SF 330, Part l, and one copy of the SF330, Part II for the prime firm. Each branch office that will have a key role in the proposed contract must also submit a copy of the SF 330 Part II. Offerors must submit a current and accurate SF 330, Part II, for each proposed sub-consultant. Any firm with an electronic mailbox responding to the solicitation should identify such address in the SF 330, Part I. Please identify the Dun & Bradstreet number of the office(s) performing the work in Block 5 of the SF 330, Part I. Dun & Bradstreet numbers may be obtained by contacting (866) 705-5711, or via the internet at

The proposal shall be submitted as one file using Microsoft Word (.doc) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf). Font size shall be 10 or larger on white letter-sized paper (8 inches by 11 inches). The SF 330 will be no longer than 100 pages in length (excluding the SF 330, Part IIs) and Section H will be 20 pages or less in length. Each printed side of a page will count as one page. An 11 x 17 sheet may be used, but each printed side will count as two (2) pages for the overall page count. The data on the CD shall not substitute for the hard copy submission.

Do not furnish portfolios, prints, magazines, newspaper clippings, or CDs of completed projects. All requirements of this notice must be met for a firm to be considered responsive.

Additional instructions and clarifications for SF330:

SF330 Section D:
The offerors shall submit an organizational chart as required by SF330 Section D. Offerors can submit a folded 11"x 17" organizational chart as part of their submission.

SF330 Section E:
The individuals identified by the project roles on the SF330 may not have multiple duties or be "dual-hatted." Offerors shall provide individual resumes in SF330 Section E for each of the individuals listed below in lines 1 through 31. Individuals included in SF330 Section E must possess the certifications and registrations listed below and must have performed in their respective role (i.e. civil engineer, land surveyor, etc.) on projects similar to those listed in Paragraph 2 of this solicitation.

1. Senior Civil Engineer: Registered Professional Engineer or regional equivalent, minimum 15 years of experience (one individual)

2. Mid-Level Civil Engineer: Registered Professional Engineer or regional equivalent, minimum of 10 years of experience (two individuals)

3. Supervisory Professional Land Surveyor: Registered Professional Surveyor or regional equivalent, minimum of 15 years of experience (one individual)

4. Mid-Level Professional Land Surveyor: Registered Professional Surveyor or regional equivalent, minimum of 10 years of experience (two individuals)

5. Supervisory Cartographic Technician: Minimum of 10 years of experience performing analysis and preparation of surveys and mapping (two individuals)

6. Photogrammetric Technician: Minimum of 10 years of experience performing photogrammetric surveys and associated products (two individuals)

Additional consideration will be given for individuals having significant experience beyond the minimum required for their position.

SF330 Section F:
Of the up to ten projects included in SF330 Section F, projects must be substantially complete within 5 years. An IDIQ contract may be submitted but must include a narrative describing the project requirements for specific task orders under the IDIQ contract to demonstrate similar projects.

SF330 Section H:
In SF330 Section H, each offeror shall present a brief Quality Management Plan including an explanation of the firm's management approach; management of sub-consultants (if applicable); quality control procedures (for surveys and mapping, including electronic documents); procedures to insure that internal resources are not over committed; and an organizational chart showing the inter-relationship of management and various team components (including sub-consultants). The Quality Management Plan shall also include a Capacity Narrative describing the offeror's ability to complete the work with available resources.

Additionally, indicate the estimated percentages involvement of each firm on the proposed team. It is the responsibility of the Prime Contractor to comply with FAR 19.508(e) and 52.219-14. At least 50% of the cost of the contract performance incurred for personnel must be expended for employees of the prime firm. The 50% self-performing requirement will be based on the contract as a whole.

A detailed list of land survey instruments (total station, GPS/GNSS receivers, data collectors, and optical/digital levels) indicating age, calibration within 12 months where legally applicable (such as boundary/cadastral survey requirements for specific states), technical specifications (demonstrating compliance with applicable FGCS/NGS standards), brand name, and mechanical condition of all instruments, including details as to what is leased or owned, must be furnished. A list of all hydrographic vessel(s) and relevant hydrographic/positioning equipment, including details as to which vessel(s) and equipment are leased or owned, must be furnished.

Firms shall provide a narrative of number of survey field crews available for use on the contract. Totals shall be given for 2-person and 3-person crews, along with office location where the survey crew is based.

Release of firm status will occur within 10 days after approval of any selection. All responses on SF330 to this announcement must be received no later than 4:00 P.M. Eastern Time on 28 August 2018. No other general notification to firms under consideration for this project will be made. Facsimile transmissions will not be accepted. Solicitation packages are not provided and no additional project information will be given to firms during the announcement period.

To be eligible for award, a firm must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) database, via the SAM Internet site at PLEASE NOTE: SAM is completely free of charge for both registrants and users.

ALERT: You must submit a notarized letter appointing the authorized Entity Administrator before your registration will be activated. This requirement now applies to both new and existing entities. Effective 29 April 2018, the notarized letter process is now mandatory on all CURRENT registrants at SAM who have a requirement to update data on their SAM record. The notarized letter is mandatory and is required before the GSA Federal Service Desk (FSD) will activate the entity's registration.

Effective 29 June 2018, vendors creating or updating their registration can have their registration activated prior to the approval of the required notarized letter. However, the signed copy of the notarized letter must be sent to the GSA Federal Service Desk (FSD) with 30 days of activation or the vendor risks no longer being active in SAM.

Technical inquiries and questions relating to proposal procedures or bonds are to be submitted via Bidder Inquiry in ProjNet at The attached file titled ProjNet Instructions provides guidance on how to submit and review bid inquiry items. Bidders will need to be a current registered user or self-register into the system. The Bidder Inquiry Key or Quick Add Key for this project is G8Y9PG - D5ZNBV.

Submit responses to US Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District, ATTN: Travis Dunn, 600 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Pl., Room 821, Louisville, KY 40202.


Travis I. Dunn, Contract Specialist, Email

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