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Architect & Engineering, Replace Water Mains & Valves, Project No. 542-19-106

Pennsylvania, United States
Government : Federal
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The VA Medical Center (CVAMC) in Coatesville, PA is seeking ************ and Engineering (A&E) for Project No. *********** REPLACE WATER MAINS & VALVES, PHASE 1.

This announcement is being issued in accordance with the Selection of s and Engineering firms (Public Law 92-582) and implemented in the Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR) Part 36. ural and Engineering (A&E) firms permitted by law to practice the professions of ure or engineering are requested to send two copies of an SF 330 (8/2016 Edition) and CD from qualified and eligible firms classified as 100% SERVICE DISABLED VETERAN OWNED SMALL BUSINESS CONCERNS.

Firms will be selected for negotiation based on demonstrated competence and qualifications for the required work. This is not a Request for Proposal and an award will not be made with this announcement. This announcement is a request for SF 330s from qualified firms that meet the ************ and set aside requirements listed in this announcement.

GENERAL SCOPE OF WORK: The consultant shall provide all ural and engineering as defined to accomplish complete contract drawings, specifications, technical reports and cost estimates for the scope of work.

Scope of Work:

This project will install new water mains and valves, and new service feeds to each of the buildings and fire hydrants to the extent that budget allows. The new mains and service feeds will be independent of the existing mains and service feeds, and will be cross tied as appropriate to the existing system.

The new domestic water distribution system must be designed with the ability to isolate any leak and still be able to feed domestic water to all buildings and hydrants not otherwise affected directly by the leak.

The project must consider storm water management and erosion control, and include all required permitting and any associated drawing revisions. The design must include full subsurface investigation to minimize potential construction period change orders.

The project includes repair of any pavement or walkways, and repair of any grounds, damaged by the construction activities. The project includes removal of any trees impacting the construction efforts and the planting of new trees as appropriate.

The A/E shall complete the subsurface investigation and develop options for routing of the new distribution, and must keep the VA COR abreast of all developments and assumptions during this process. In the Schematic Design submission, the A/E shall provide options and recommendations for the new domestic water distribution routing, along with pricing, so that the extent of the new distribution may be matched to the construction budget, with identifiable deduct alternates.

The scope of work includes but is not limited to the following:

Coordination with appropriate VA staff through the COR to ensure that all VA are maintained through construction.
Re-landscape any existing landscaping damaged or removed during construction activities such that the final conditions match or improve upon the pre-construction landscape conditions. (The construction contractor shall photograph all areas of the CVAMC campus to be affected by construction activities, equipment, vehicles or materials staging prior to commencement of such activities.) Provide new materials as required.
Patch all surfaces and finishes where existing surfaces and finishes are damaged by the construction and removal activities.
Instruct designated VAMC staff in the new distribution system layout and proper operation and isolation of the new system.
All construction activities shall comply with OSHA requirements.

The Following Investigative Work shall also be included Within the Scope of this Project:

Perform a Code analysis to ensure that the applicable Codes are being applied.
Provide any civil, structural, ural, electrical and mechanical and underground utility investigative work of existing systems necessary to insure the accuracy of your design.
Prepare any measured drawings of existing systems or facility required to insure the accuracy of your design.
Take digital photos of site major features and connection points. Digital format must be compatible with VA software.
VAMC Coatesville photo ID badges are required to be worn by all A/E personnel during all project site visits.


Complete review and analysis of contractor's project cost proposals.
The A/E shall check Government furnished and/or the Construction Contractor's shop drawings, detail drawings, schedules, descriptive literature and samples, testing labor atory reports, field test data and review the color, texture and suitability of materials for conformity with the design concept and construction documents. The A/E shall recommend approval, disapproval, or other suitable disposition. The A/E shall evaluate the submittals with reference to any companion submittals that constitute a system. When necessary, the A/E shall, through the Contracting Officer's Technical Representative, request the Contractor to submit related components of a system before acting on a single component. The A/E may be required to hold joint reviews with the VA technical staff on complicated system submittals.
The A/E shall notify the Contracting Officer's Technical Representative in writing of any and all deviations from the requirements of the construction documents that he has found in the Construction Contractor's submittals. Such responsibility shall be carried out with reasonable promptness as to cause no delay.
Site visits as required. Include ten (10) full-day visits; eight (8) hours each for budget purposes. (Please include the price for additional site visits should they be desired.)
Reproduction costs Include the cost of reproducing contract documents (drawings and specifications) and delivery to the VA Contracting Officer. Specifications are to be spiral-bound (as made by GPC) with a clear plastic front cover and a back cover.
Infection Control: The A/E shall incorporate into their documents engineering asepsis controls. The A/E shall coordinate with the VA s Infection Control Practitioner to determine the infection control measures requir...

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