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Antenna and Tower Work

Minnesota, United States
Government : County
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The County is seeking proposals from qualified vendors for Tower height reduction and furnish/install "E1" lighting system on the structure.

The County’s antenna needs can be satisfactorily addressed with the tower at this site having an overall height of 350’. Further, the County seeks to reduce its tower lighting system maintenance and operating expense which would result from a structure requiring only an “E1” series FAA lighting system. Therefore, the base bid will consist of:

1. Shorten the height of the tower from 1,050’ feet to 350’.
a. Shortening will require that existing 8’, 6 gHz parabolic microwave dish, ice shield, and
waveguide, be lowered to a height of 346’. This microwave dish antenna may be
removed entirely during the tower lowering process, if necessary, to facilitate
dismantling of the upper sections of the structure. Upon re-installation the successful
contractor will be required to reinstall and re-align the dish.

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