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The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is the U.S. Department of Energy's primary national laboratory for renewable energy and energy efficiency research and development.  NREL develops renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and practices, advances related science and engineering, and transfers knowledge and innovations to address the nation's energy goals to industry.  NREL is managed and operated by the Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC.

NREL is partnering with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority ("Airports Authority") on the development of a sustainability plan and comprehensive energy strategy to guide the planning, design, construction, operation and retirement of Airports Authority assets and facilities for maximum efficiency.  Facilities under the administration of the Authority include Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport ("National"), Washington Dulles International Airport ("Dulles"), and the Dulles Toll Road.  

As part of the ongoing design and construction programs at National and Dulles Airports, the Airports Authority, Office of Engineering, has developed and adopted a Design Manual specifying the codes, standards, details, products, and practices to be followed by Architectural and Engineering (A&E) firms.  The Design Manual contains several specific requirements that must be followed on all projects on property owned by the Airports Authority.  These can be either Airports Authority contracted projects, Airports Authority direct-constructed projects, and tenant contracted projects.

The Airports Authority is currently reviewing the 2014 edition of the Design Manual.  This review includes an analysis of the existing standards and an evaluation of all suggested revisions submitted by staff and professionals in service to the Airports Authority.  The next edition of the Design Manual ("2020 Design Manual") will incorporate all modifications and additions adopted during the Airports Authority's review.  It is the Airports Authority's desire that this round of manual revision also incorporates a comprehensive energy efficiency strategy to guide the planning, design, construction and operation of airports and Dulles Toll Road infrastructure, buildings, vehicles and systems for maximum efficiency, sustainability, resilience and cost effectiveness.   To that end, the revisions to the Design Manual will include additional measures and requirements needed to achieve agreed upon sustainability goals for the Airports Authority.

The sustainability plan and comprehensive energy strategy to be developed by NREL will inform some of the updates to the 2020 Design Manual.  As a result, the selected firm will work closely with NREL in the review of current Design Manual suggested revisions, and required updates, as well as the production and distribution processes associated with the 2020 Design Manual. To ensure close collaboration between NREL and the selected firm, NREL is managing the subcontracting process on behalf of the Airports Authority.

Scope of Work
NREL is seeking information from qualified A&E firms to provide services for the update and revision of the Airports Authority's current (2014) Design Manual leading to the development of the 2020 Design Manual. Respondents to this Sources Sought Notice will be evaluated based on the information submitted in response to the submittal requirements below and those selected will be invited to respond to a forthcoming Request for Proposal (RFP).

The current 2014 Design Manual is made up of seven volumes. The following are the seven volumes intended to supplement each other and shall be used together, as appropriate for each airport, to achieve the desired goals of the Airports Authorities:

Basic policies, procedures and standards for both Airports are as follows:

Design Manual

Requirements for Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport:

DCA Vol. 1 - Airport Standards and Signing Guidelines

•3.   DCA Vol. 2 - Tenant Design Standards

Requirements for Washington Dulles International Airport:

•4.   IAD Vol. 1 - Airport Design Standards and Signing Guidelines

•5.   IAD Vol. 2 - Main Terminal/Concourse Z Tenant Design Standards

•6.   IAD Vol. 3 - Concourse B Tenant Design Standards

Requirements for All Projects:

•7.   CADD - CADD Design Standards

For references purposes, the aforementioned documents can be referenced at

(End of seven volume document descriptions)

Interested firms shall have the ability to perform what are expected to be the primary tasks of the project such as:

Update the organization and style of the existing Manual in accordance with the Statement of Work;

Convene an internal stakeholder process to collect and organize technical, regulatory, and other elements requiring update and reorganization as identified by Airports Authority Staff;

Review the existing Manual and update it to reflect recent changes in any references to other specifications, policies, or regulations, including but not limited to the Sustainability Plans developed by NREL, FAA regulations, and/or Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) standards;

Research other sources, including benchmarking against other comparable Airports, incorporating new material and suggested revisions (SR) provided by the Airports Authority and reviewing other manuals;

Conduct a gaps analysis of the existing Manual against other sources and best practices;

Create new Standard Details (CADD) files, as applicable;

In coordination with NREL, prepare the 2020 Manual for hard copy production and online publication; and

Organize the 2020 Manual to allow for incremental/subject-specific updates over time


NREL expects to award a Firm-fixed price contract for the work.  NREL is targeting September 2019 for the selection of the A/E firm with the contract to be signed and awarded no later than December 2019. The selected A/E firm will be expected to deliver a draft of the 2020 Design Manual by June 2020 and a final version by August 2020.


Organizations responding to this Sources Sought Notice shall demonstrate specific capabilities, attributes, and skills, as indicated below. NREL will be requesting official qualification statements during the Request for Proposals (RFP) stage, however, for this stage in the process, respondents shall submit the following:

Capability Statement:

Provide a narrative of the following:

1. The company history;

2. Relevant project experience, including ongoing projects or completed
    projects within the last three (3) years.  Please include the following:

    -  Any current or previous experience with the use and application of the
       herein Airport Authority's existing 2014 Design Manual (or prior versions)

    -  Previous experience developing and/or revising Design Manuals for other
       major U.S. Airports

    -  Provide the operational office(s) locations within 100 miles from:

                Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA)
                1 Aviation Circle,
                Washington, DC 20001-6000

    -  Please include the company's ability to provide Indexer Services either in
       house or subcontracted with a member in good standing of the American
       Society of Indexers or other national recognized indexing group.  Or
       alternatively, provide a written approach for accomplishing this task.

    -  Provide a letter from insurance company demonstrating insurability for this
       type of project.

Key Personnel:

Provide resumes for the qualified team of professionals (can include lower-tier subcontractors) capable of accomplishing the anticipated tasks such as:

- Architects;
- Mechanical and Electrical Engineers;
- Structural Engineers;
- Civil Engineers;
- Landscape Architects; and
- Technical Writers


THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS.  Responding to this notice identifies you or your organization as an interested party only. 

NREL reserves the right to disqualify any response submitted incorrectly.  The response to this Sources Sought document is limited to ten (10) pages (excluding Insurance Letter and Resumes) of single-spaced text of 12-point font, with minimum 1" margins.  Brevity is encouraged.  The responses become the property of NREL upon receipt and the content of the response will be kept on file for future use if applicable.  The responses may be withdrawn by your organization at any time.  NREL reserves the right to share the responses with the Airports Authority and consult with them on any eventual vendor selection.

All responses from interested sources shall directly address how their qualifications best apply to the scope of work and shall include the following:

-  Name and address of the company;
-  Point of contact including name, title, phone and email address;
-  Explanation of how each of the qualification requirements listed above are met;
-  Corporate Qualification Statement, which may include a company brochure,
   pamphlet, or web site, etc. (not included in the page count); and
-  Link to publicly available market pricing (if available).

All responses shall be submitted in pdf via e-mail to .  Electronic files in excess of 10MB will not be accepted.

Responses to this notice must be received by July 31, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time.  Responding to this request identifies your organization as an interested party only.

Questions and telephone calls will not be accepted.

Randy Fransua, Sr. Subcontract Administrator, Phone 303-384-7431, Email

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