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Afghan Civil Society and Media Self Reliance

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USAID is seeking new, creative, and realistic ideas about how we can help civil society develop stronger public support and more sources of funding, especially funding from within Afghanistan.

We are asking for three-page expressions of interest from any non-governmental group that has good ideas. This includes: community groups, volunteer organizations, businesses, trade associations, traditional and religious institutions, academic and research institutions, media organizations, and NGOs (local and international).

You do not need to have experience working with USAID or any other international donor in order to submit an expression of interest. Organizations can submit more than one expression of interest.

USAID will select some expressions of interest to participate in a co-creation conference in Kabul in March 2019 and other locations, if needed. At the conference, you will meet with USAID, civil society organizations, and other people to discuss your ideas, identify gaps, challenges, and opportunities, and develop concepts together to solve the problem statement. No funding will be given as a result of an expressions of interest. After this conference, you will have the opportunity to submit a longer ten to fifteen-page proposal, which may or may not result in a funded project.

Alejandra Garcia, Senior A&A Specialist, Email - Emily Rudge Revis, Contracting Officer, Email

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