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Aerospace Medicine, Clinical Research, Human Performance Research, and Expeditionary Medicine

Ohio, United States
Government : Military
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Amendment 2 is issued to make offerors aware of changes to the BAA.

1. This notice changes the Program Manager and point of contact information stated in "Address technical questions to" FROM: Mr. Cole Hutchison, USAFSAM/FHS,, 937-938-2596. Postal Delivery Address: 2510 5th Street, Bldg. 840 Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 4533-7913, TO: Ms. Linda Armstrong, USAFSAM/FHS,, 2510 5th Street, Bldg. 840 Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 4533-7913.

2. The following language was added at section IV White Paper/Proposal and Submission Information, 3. Second Step (Proposal) Instructions: "Note: If you intend to submit a proposal for an assistance instrument, go to Attachment 9, which discusses how to find the assistance opportunity, prepare the cover page, and complete the certification. This section also provides the process for electronic submission of proposals for assistance instruments.

3. This notice removes in its entirety, section IV.4 (Second Step) Proposals for Grants and Cooperative Agreements, and replaces the instructions for submitting a grant or assistance instrument with Attachment 9, Supplemental Instructions for Assistance Instrument Proposals.

4. Attachment 9, includes a new requirement for preparing Assistance Instrument Proposals, at paragraph a: SF 424 (R&R) Forms: All proposals for assistance, whether submitted electronically or in hard copy must include a SF 424 (R&R) (Application for Federal Assistance) as the cover page, a SF 424 Research & Related Senior/Key Person Profile (Expanded), and a SF 424 Research & Related Personal Data. The SF 424 (R&R) forms should be downloaded from the "Application" box in the upper right hand corner of the synopsis page. Click on "download" under the column "Instructions and Application." Select "Download Application Package" and complete the SF 424 (R&R) forms.

Linda Armstrong, Chief, Aeromedical Research Support Division, Phone 937-938-2689, Email - Kimberly Cerney, Contract Negotiator, Phone 937-713-9857, Email

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