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Aerospace Coatings and Sealants

Georgia, United States
Government : Military
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Aerospace Coatings and Sealants


This market survey is being conducted to identify potential sources that may possess the expertise, capabilities, and experience to provide just-in time delivery of aerospace coatings, sealants, and technical assistance and support for Warner Robins Air Logistics Center (WR-ALC) 402 Aircraft Maintenance Group (AMXG).  Access to classified data is not a requirement and foreign participation will not be allowed.  Contractors/Institutions responding to this market research are placed on notice that participation in this survey may not ensure participation in future solicitations or contract awards.  The government will not reimburse participants for any expenses associated with their participation in this survey.


The Government is conducting market research to identify potential sources that possess the expertise, capabilities,   and experience to provide just-in time delivery of aerospace coatings, sealants, and technical assistance and support for Warner Robins Air Logistics Center (WR-ALC) 402 Aircraft Maintenance Group (AMXG).  The 402 AMXG supports F-15, C-130, C-5, C-17, Global Hawk, and Navy and Marine C-130.  The Government has determined that this requirement is commercial.   

The contractor shall provide all personnel, equipment, material, supervision, facilities, transportation, and other items and services necessary to provide aerospace sealants, coatings and technical assistance and support.

For a contractor to be able to perform this requirement, they must have agreements in place with the major OEMs listed in Appendix B Coatings and Sealants which is attached.  Supporting documentation must be submitted validating these agreements. The documentation must support that the contractor is an authorized vendor of manufacturers identified on the Appendix B Coatings and Sealants attachment.  Only products listed on the various Qualified Products Lists (QPLs) are acceptable.  

The initial strategy is to issue an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contract with a three year ordering period. 

The contractor shall be responsible for delivery of the coatings and sealants. The Contractor shall be required to    provide Just in Time delivery to preclude work stoppage, storage problems and to avoid a partial delivery to meet mission requirements unless in the best interest of the Government and accepted by the Hazardous Material Pharmacy (HAZMART) Operator. The contractor shall deliver coatings and sealants as described at the delivery order level. In case of extreme events (vehicle accidents, weather, natural disaster, etc.), the contractor shall notify the HAZMART Operator, determined on the delivery order, prior to delivery schedule and provide estimated new delivery timeline. Upon delivery, contractor and Government inspection will take place to validate accuracy of quantity and king of delivery.  In the event any discrepancies in the quantity or kind of coatings and sealants arise, the contractor shall correct and deliver any inaccuracy no later than (NLT) the next business day and provide corrected invoice to the HAZMART Operator. The contractor shall provide a product Safety Data Sheet (SDS), product Technical Data Sheet (TDS), and an invoice for all deliveries. All invoices shall be signed by HAZMART Operator at each delivery location. 

See the attached Statement of Work, Sources Sought Synopsis with Contractor Capabilitiy Survey, and  Paint and Sealant Spreadsheet Attachment for additional information.

Randy W. Miller, Source Development Specialist, Phone 4789265871, Email

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