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AITC Diesel Fuel Tank Monitoring/Maintenance (VA-19-00053089)

Maryland, United States
Government : Federal
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The Department of Veterans AffairsB (VA) Austin Information Technology CenterB (AITC) provides information technology and data-hosting services within the Department and to other government agencies. VA-AITC provides its services to customers on a 24/7 basis and therefore requires continuous power for its servers, equipment and staff. To ensure uninterrupted power, the VA-AITC uses back-up generators fueled by two diesel tanks (15,000 gallon). The generators have a total continuous fuel consumption rate of approximately 3,000 gallons per 24-hour day. The VA-AITC is required to maintain diesel fuel storage to ensure six days of continuous generator operation between refilling of tanks.

The contractor shall provide all services and equipment required to properly maintain and support the VA-AITC diesel fuel requirements throughout the contract period. While services shall typically be conducted during normal business hours, services shall be available 24x7 for emergency support during catastrophic or national disasters. Actual fuel costs will be procured under a separate agreement with VA-AITC and paid via a government purchase credit card.

Angela Ayers
Intern - Contract Specialist

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