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689-19-3-7821-0161: Pedigo SPS Carts (VA-19-00056910)

Connecticut, United States
Government : Federal
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To whom it may concern;
The Department of Veterans Affairs intends to enter into a purchase agreement with:


The VA Medical Center West haven Connecticut requires SPS case carts. Research was conducted through a search of the VIP government website. We did not find any viable offers to fulfill this requirement. Pedigo Inc is a small business, they have a NAC government contract and are properly registered in Sam.

The VA is posting this Sources Sought to notify any vendors that may be able to provide us with these SPS case carts. The Pedigo case carts meets our requirement. We do not believe anyone else could match this offer. Below is the SOW which states the needs of this requirement.

Any interested parties who can identify their capabilities and meet our needs should respond to the requirement and furnish detailed data concerning their capabilities to provide the product. This notice of our intent to purchase from Pedigo Inc. is not a request for competitive quotes; however, any firm that believes it can meet the requirements must provide written notification to the Contracting Officer by June 26, 1200 hours EST. Information should be sent to Sean Powers, Contracting Officer, at

Information received will be considered solely in determining whether this Item is a Limited Source. If no responses are received by the response date and time, The Department of Veterans Affairs will proceed with the intended agreement. All questions concerning this requirement must be in writing and submitted via email to
All contractors are required to be registered in the System for Award Management (www.samgov).
Service Disabled and Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB and VOSB) must be registered and certified in Vendor Information Pages VIP).
The North American Classification System (NAICS) code is 339112.



1.B Title of Project:B SPS Case Carts
2.B Scope of Work:B VA needs to replace it s current SPS carts. The Pedigo Revolution Case Cart design is a closed surgical case cart with an ergonomically designed to be lightweight (145lbs vs 250lbs/present cart) and easy to handle, requiring less push/pull force than standard case carts.
Pedigo Revolution Case Cart

Overall outside dimensions:B 46 B< W x 27 B= D x 42 H
Usable Interior Space:B 37 B H
The Pedigo RCC-242 weighs approximately 145 pounds not including shelving or accessories. Customers generally order these carts with one shelf- shelving weight ranges from about 10-20 pounds each.
The contractor shall provide all resources necessary to accomplish the deliverables described in the statement of work (SOW), except as may otherwise be specified.B The objective of this project is to obtain new case carts for RME. Contractor will be providing 10 case carts and accessories to SPS.

B 3.B Background:B The VA Connecticut Healthcare System has an urgent need for new ergonomic case carts, to ensure the reliable, and continued operation of the medical center sterile processing service. The facility has received funding for a new SPS due to ongoing major operational deficiencies. The deficiencies are primarily due to facility temperatures and humidity control as well as insufficient workspace. The SPS department must be operational and fully functional to support current patient care needs to move reusable medical equipment RME from one reprocessing dept. to another & pick up dirty RME from OR & clinic areas. Procurement of new ergonomic case carts is necessary to transfer RME throughout the campus (includes various inclines i.e. upcoming Steris trailer ramp).
4.B Performance Period:B The period of performance is delivery upon manufacture.
5.B Type of Contract:B Firm-Fixed-Price
6.B Place of Performance: Carts are to be manufactured off-site and delivered upon completion.


The Pedigo Revolution Case Cart design is a closed surgical case cart with an ergonomically designed to be lightweight (145lbs vs 250lbs/present cart) and easy to handle, requiring less push/pull force than standard case carts. Important features which are necessary to transport RME safely. Cart doors feature polycarbonate scratch-resistant windows that allow the staff to determine the status of the cart at a glance. Cart is designed to quickly drain during cart washing to minimize residual water. It also has Polymer handle that are cooler to the touch after cart washing, which facilitates throughput.

Sean Powers
Contracting Officer

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