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6 NSNs Storage and Cell Batteries 6140-01-521-8584, 6160-01-528-1565 etc

Ohio, United States
Government : Military
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Subject solicitation is for 6 NSNs:

******** Storage ADQ 5
6140-01-096-4272 ******** Storage ADQ 7
Cell, Battery ADQ 72
6140-01-521-8584 Cell, Battery ADQ 2,258
Cell, Battery ADQ 18
**************** Filler Cap, Battery ADQ 1,217

An indefinite ******** with three base years and two possible option years is anticipated.  The total duration, base period plus option years shall not exceed 5 years.

Items will be FOB Destination for the first 5 NSNs, and FOB Origin for CLN 0006.  Only CLIN 0006 is part of the First Destination Transportation and Packaging Initiative.

Military Packaging is required on CLINs 0001-0005 and Commercial Packaging is required on CLIN 0006, see the Product Item Description in the solicitation for more information.

Items are for DLA Direct (Stock) Support.

The NSNs are not ******** ...

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