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561-19-126 Repair for Floor OR #6

New York, United States
Government : Federal
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This notice is for Solicitation Number - ********** Repair for Floor OR #6 at VA NJ Health Care System (East Orange Campus), 385 Tremont Ave, East Orange, NJ 07018
This shall be a Service ******** Veteran Owned Small (SDVOSB) As a result, all ******** may submit a Proposal, which will be ********** by the agency. This project is classified under NAICS Code 238330, and has a Size Standards of $15.0 million. The cost estimate range for this project is $25,000 and $100,000.
1. Contract Title.
Surgical Suite OR # 6 Flooring
2. Background.
Existing OR # 6 floor is damaged, has cracks due to building shifting.
3. Scope.
Work is located in VA New Jersey Health Care System East Orange Campus, Surgical Suite Operating Room # 6 located in Building # 1 2nd floor. The existing Expoxy floor needs to be replaced due to crack in the floor in several locations. This OR #6 needs to be replaced with an Medical Grade seamless surface, and with specially formulated, high quality, clear, 100% solids, anti-microbial reinforced, polymeric Epoxy/Urethane, with a continues 6 base cove height @ wall and cabinet.

4. Specific Tasks.
The scope of work shall include but not be limited to the following:
Operating Room #6, located in Building 1, requires the complete removal of all existing epoxy flooring materials. Condition of substrate is unknown, and the condition of same, once the legacy materials are removed, cannot be established at this time. Contractor shall use care to ensure that substrate remains intact and that proper floor preparation can be completed per manufacturer s specs, generally accepted industry practices, and all applicable VA specifications.
Floor preparation shall include the following activities:
Surface must be clean and dry.
Removal of all dust, laitance, grease, and any curing compounds is required.
Bond any inhibiting impregnations, waxes and other contaminants as required.
Surface shall be properly patched and leveled, with any and all projections and rough spots, including cracks eliminated as required.
Concrete substrate shall be cleaned and prepped to achieve a laitance-free and contaminant-free, open textured surface by shot blasting or equivalent mechanical means (CSP-3 to CSP-4 as per ICRI guidelines). Surface preparation is critical.
Walls, ceilings, ductwork and any fixtures that remain in the OR shall be properly protected from damage and dust particles dueing this process.
Sweep and vacuum any and all remaining dirt and dust with a wet/dry vacuum. Removing residual dust will help ensure a proper bond between the primer and substrate.
If the shot-blasting method is utilized, the resultant texture oif the concrete substrate shall be of uniform texture. Do not over-blast any area, as marks will li...

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