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New York, United States
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The VA Medical Center, Bath, New York is engaging in a short-list selection as defined in FAR 36.602-5(a) of an AE (SDVOSB) for the design of a project to Renovate B-108 for Transportation. SDVOSB Vendors with an SF-330 on file within the past twelve months are being considered. If you believe you have an SF 330 on file and would like to be considered for this procurement please send an e-mail to expressing your interest in being considered. Other SDVOSB firms having a working office within a 300 mile radius from 76 Veterans Avenue, Bath, NY may submit SF 330 s for consideration, to the Contracting Officer at by 4:30 PM EST, June 13, 2019.

The selected A/E will prepare complete plans and specifications to renovate B108 to become the Bath VA s newest vehicle maintenance facility. Final drawings and specifications may include the following requirements:

1. Determine space requirements, assuming a 10 year growth rate, and incorporate into the final plans for:
a. Tire and parts storage
b. Tool crib
c. Break room with a changing area and 13-14 lockers
d. An administrative office area complete with phone and data drops
e. Nuts and Bolts Storage
2. Install new vehicle exhaust system and upgrade existing exhaust system in welding shop area.
3. Install new high intensity, energy efficient lights. Install skylights to supplement lighting with natural lighting. Along south wall, provide more windows to let in additional natural light.
4. Install new dry sprinkler system for the entire building
5. Install new gas service line from the boiler plant to B108 with a spare connection sized the same as what is required at B108 near B9 for future use
6. Develop the plans for two (2) large vehicle/high bay areas. Include plans to modify the structural members as needed. One of the new high bay areas is to be designed for washing vehicles and is to include an under carriage washing system.
7. Determine if existing cylinder storage area meets all current codes and upgrade as necessary
8. Install building insulation
9. Replace existing overhead bay doors with insulated, automatic overhead doors
10. Create three (3) bays for passenger vehicle and pickup truck repair bays w/ lifts
11. Create one (1) bay for overflow/overnight passenger vehicle or pickup trucks
12. Create one (1) bay for small engine and lawn tractor repair w/ lifts
13. Create a continuous work bench that can accessed by any or all five (5) of the bays listed above
14. Prepare an area for two work desk that include phone and data drops
15. Reorganize and/or relocate spare steel storage area
16. Working with VA staff, prepare plans to relocate the existing cardboard baler
17. New grease and oil interceptor. A/E shall also prepare all necessary paperwork for regulatory approvals
18. Provide gas-fired, radiant systems with temperature controls for all work bays. Provide steam heat with temperature controls for all other areas.
19. Install a ventilation for summer time cooling
20. Upgrade eaves troughs to include an ice melt system and perimeter drainage
21. Develop a waste oil storage area
22. Develop an area for an oil filter and paint can crusher
23. Provide ten (10) charging stations for the DUV s
24. Expand parking around the facility for 25-30 passenger vehicles or vans
25. Design a new compressed air delivery system to all new bays
26. Working w/ VA staff, prepare an equipment list and identify what existing equipment will be re-used and where and what equipment will be a new purchase and where it goes in the plan
27. Verify floor slab thickness and develop any plans required to support equipment
28. Load rate all mezzanines and/or upper floors
29. Analyze existing floor drains and develop plans for any necessary improvements.
30. Develop plans to eliminate the existing restroom s septic tank system and connect it to the facility wide sanitary sewer system.

All designs will follow the VA design guidelines, and specifications for VA construction. The design will be completed in a manner such that the estimated construction cost is within the VA budget. It is not expected that any new space will be added.


The current vehicle maintenance facility is located in B14 and is co-located with the fire Department. The facility is no longer large enough to house both departments. In addition, the current vehicle maintenance facility is outdated and is undersized due largely to the increase in vehicles requiring service over the last 10-15 years. B108 for all practical purposes is a multi-bayed garage and currently houses several pieces of equipment and the welding/metal fabrication shop.

1. Prepare a life Safety/code review plan in the construction documents.
2. Provide investigative and schematic services, construction documents, working drawings, specifications, cost estimate, shop drawing review and construction period services as required to provide the renovations for B108 as noted above. Services will include all Plumbing, Electrical, Architectural or any other Engineering work associated with this project. Final design submission shall include phased drawings of all abatement, demolition, and construction work as required to allow the continuous use of all the floors and areas associated around each construction area.
3. Provide contract specifications utilizing the VA Master Specifications available at Edited specifications are to be provided to the Bath VAMC electronically by either email or on a CD rom. All edited specifications are to be edited to the specified project and have all impertinent specs and information removed.
4. Attend design review meetings and make all necessary site visits during design to gather information necessary from the existing sites, building plans, utility plans, interview kitchen staff, etc. to provide a complete assessment of the proposed work.
5. Assess the intent and scope of this project and work with the Medical Center staff to develop final working drawings and cost estimate to best suit the needs and constraints of the government, while incorporating VAMC Bath Engineering Service, VA Network 2, or any other government comments.
6. Provide an electronic set and one (1) hard copy set of Architectural E1 (30 x42 ) size working drawings, specifications, and cost estimate at the 30%, 50%, 90% and the 100% review stage. Also, provide an electronic set and one (1) set of drawings stamped and signed by an Engineer licensed in the State of New York, specifications, and cost estimates at final design submission. Electronic set at 100% final stage is to be provided in both PDF and 2017 AutoCAD formats.
7. Upon completion of the 98% documents and prior to the red line and final adjustments, the A/E shall take the drawings and go completely through the design in the purposed spaces and make sure the contract drawings and specifications are 1. Feasible for construction and 2. Complete.
8. Project completion of construction documents, including final design, contract drawings, specifications, and cost estimate is to be 120 days from award of contract.
9. Provide a detailed material/labor cost estimate for construction of this project at the 100% review stage.
10. Attend pre-bid job walk and provide all engineering responses to questions asked by potential bidders and issue an addendum, if necessary. Attend pre-construction meeting.
11. Provide a technical review of all project submittals/shop drawings related to the project and provide all required responses to any design/conflict questions encountered in these areas during construction in an expeditious manner, (two-week turnaround on all submittals) max.
12. Provide expeditious responses to all design/conflict questions encountered during the construction term.
13. Upon completion of the project, the A/E will do a complete walkthrough and review (punch list) of the completed project work, for contractual obligation verification.
14. Upon completion of the project, provide a set of stamped Architectural E1 (30 x42 ) as-built drawings, as well as complete electronic sets in PDF and AutoCAD 2017 formats (including reference files/drawings/specifications).

The following evaluation criteria will be used when reviewing submitted SF 330 data and will comprise the basis of information to be used by VAMC Bath for A/E evaluation and selection. Firms submitting SF 330 data for consideration must address each of the following criteria in the SF 330:

Department of Veterans Affairs Architect/Engineer Evaluation Board

1. Specialized experience and technical competence of the firm (including a joint venture or association) with the type of services required
Assignable point rang ..(0 to 40)

2. Specific experience and qualifications of personnel proposed for assignment to the project and record of working together as a team
Assignable point range .(0 to 40)

3. Professional capacity of the firm in the designated geographic area of the project to perform work (including any specialized services) within the time limitations. Unusually large existing workload that may limit A/E's capacity to perform project work expeditiously
Assignable point range .(0 to 20)

4. Past record of performance on contracts with the Department of Veterans Affairs. This factor may be used to adjust scoring for any unusual circumstances that may be considered to deter adequate performance by an A/E. (Firms with no previous VA experience receive a +5 rating)
Assignable point range (-20 to 20)

5. Geographic location and facilities of the working office(s) which would provide the professional services and familiarity with the area in which the project is located
Assignable point range (0 to 20)

6. Demonstrate success in prescribing the use of recovered materials and achieving waste reduction and energy efficiency in facility design
Assignable point range (0 to 20)

7. Inclusion of small business consultant(s) (1 point), and/or minority owned consultant(s) (1 point), and/or women-owned consultant(s) (1 points), and/or veteran owned consultant(s) (1 point), and/or disadvantage veteran owned consultant(s) (1 point), and/or HUBZone consultant(s) (1 point)
Assignable point range (0 to 6)

1 and 2
0 40
15 25
30 35
0 20


Discussions will be held with the top ranking firms. These discussions will at a minimum include a verification of accuracy of the information within the SF 330 and a chance to provide any updated information. Responses to discussion items will be evaluated using the same factors outlined above.

This procurement is set-aside for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB). The estimated construction cost for this project is between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000. The NAICS code for this procurement is 541310.

Mark Simonson
Contracting Officer

Contracting Officer

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