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2017 RE International BUS VIN # 4DRBXAANXHB038304 Maxxforce 285HP/2400GOV In-Frame Overhaul

Missouri, United States
Government : Federal
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This Request for Quote (RFQ) is limited to businesses within the Springfield, Missouri metropolitan geographical area. No quotes from firms outside of this area will be considered. This requirement is to perform an in-frame overhaul on a Maxxforce DT 285HP/2400GOV engine Eng Ser # 466HM2UTT49088) in a 2017 International Integrated RE C Bus, Vin # 4DRBXAAN XHB038304. See Bill of Materials (BOM) at bottom of document for full list of parts. All equipment must be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. All items shall include standard warranty. Repairs will be completed in accordance with industry standards. Vendors shall be in compliance with all EPA and OSHA standards and requirements. MSDS and any other required documents must be on site. Vendors must be properly insured to cover any losses for GSA vehicles that are in their shop. Valid business license(s) is required in accordance with state and local guidelines. All employees of selected vendor must be paid in accordance with local Department of Labor established wages. All vendors must be registered and current in SAMs (System of Award Management).

Parts List (BOM)

6ea     1889320C95          Kit, Piston Sleeve Ring 466

1ea     2511361C91           Kit, Bearing Main

14ea   1883597C1             Bolt Bearing Cap

1ea     FS19947                 Filter, Fuel Water Separator

1ea     LF17499                 Pack, PAC LF

32ea   15/40                      Delo40015/40

12ea   ZSH940440602G    Rotella ELC Concentrate

8ea     08880                     Brake Clean

8ea     07480                     3M Surf Cond Disd, Roloc Type2” CRS

1ea     1899904C2             Tube, Turbo Outlet Pipe to TC1 Top/EBPS

1ea     1818042C2             O-Ring #210 .734” X .873”

1ea     1887474C1             O-Ring 2-144 .103X2.62 ID

1ea     5010934R91           Kit Reman Turbo Charger LP 466HT & 570

1ea     5010930R91           Kit, Reman Turbo Charger HP Standard Torque I-334

1ea     1841843C94           Clamp, Assy Injector Holddown

1ea     3591094C1             Fitting, Straight Quick Connect

1ea     1845040C1             Stud, Turbo Charger Adapter

1ea     18552127C1           O-Ring Size 214

1ea     1890328C1             Seal, Crossover Tube

1ea     1885693C1             Clamp V-Band

1ea     1885590C93           Tube Assy TurboCharger Oil Supply

1ea     1883182C1             Gasket, Turbocharger Outlet

1ea     PTX82194               Sealant, Ultra Silicon Gray 30 ounces

2ea     2015983C1             Gasket, Exhaust Pipe Flange

1ea     3018016C2             Gasket, HC Injector

1ea     1873906C1             Gasket, Irregular Molded

1ea     1884925C1             Gasket, Inlet Duct-Intake Manifold

1ea     1858048C2             Seal, Lip Crossover Tube

1ea     1882684C1             Seal, EGR Pipe

1ea     1841348C1             Seal, Water Pump HSG

6ea     1889117C93           KT Jet, kit, piston cooling jet

30ea   BSP93260              Cable 15-1/8” Tie UV Black         

1ea     1836197C1             Gasket, Oil Pan

1ea     1889321C95           Kit, Cylinder HD Seal, Manifold Gasket, Turbocharger Seals 

2ea     1877895C97           Rod Assembly Connecting

1ea     2513976C92           Cooler, Kit, EGR CLR High FIN D

1ea     503424C1               Hose, Radiator-57MM (2.25in)ID X


John L. Rush, Equipment Specialist, Phone 866-400-0411 x 64243, Fax 844-503-4074, Email - Allan S. Fraser, Lead Technician, Phone 866-400-0411 x 64228, Fax 844-503-4074, Email

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