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RFQ -- Art

Texas, United States
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The University System seeks Statements of Qualifications from qualified Visual
Artists for the project described below. The successful artist will contract directly with the University and will
work cooperatively with the University, design professionals, and other project team members to successfully
perform the professional services requested and complete the full scope of the Project within budget and on

The University System seeks to commission an artist to develop a work(s)
of art to serve as a visual representation of the mission and vision of the school and to
serve as a focal point(s) and unifying element(s) for the new college of business
administration building and the Gateway. Experience in design,
fabrication, and installation of large-scale, original works of art designed by an artist
or design team that includes a professional artist. Works of art may include but are not
limited to drawings, paintings, murals, sculptures, mosaics, photographs, decorative art, and graphic art, earthworks, or combination of landscaping and landscape design.
Objects that are mass-produced or of standard manufacture are not eligible for

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