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    1. Page 13 of 13 FOR ********** ITEMS General ******** Type: /Synopsis Number: ************* Posted Date: ******** Date: ********** Current Date: ********** Product or Service Code: 840... District Of Columbia, United States
    2. Recovery of old HVAC split system, dispose of old unt and and furnish and install two (2) new 10-ton split ******** Aimee Clark, ******** Email ---- - Jon Gofus, Officer, Email ---- District Of Columbia, United States
    3. Attachment 2: for ** Items VHAPM Part SAP: ** & ** of Quotations/Offers Page 1 of 4 Date: ******** 01 Date: FOR ** ITEMS Gen... Arizona, United States
    4. NSN 7G----3, TDP VER 005, QTY 6 EA, FOB ORIGIN. The does not own the data or the rights to the data needed to ******** / ******** repair of this part from ******** It has been to be ** to buy the data or rights to the data.... Pennsylvania, United States
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    5. NSN 7E----3, TDP VER 002, QTY 2 EA, FOB ORIGIN. The rights to use the data needed to this part from * are not owned by the and cannot be * or obtained. It is *** to reverse this p... Pennsylvania, United States
    6. Sole Source Announcement for Oil Price Service (OPIS) Energy ************ ******** Kevin Stewart District Of Columbia, United States
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    7. Notice of Intent to award a sole-source on the Defense Support Program (DSP) *********** (DSC) to Grumman Systems Corp. Space Systems Division for a six (6) month base and three (3) 1-month options for a total of nine (9) months ... California, United States
    8. This notice is a combined for items using ********** * This * will be made in with the format in Federal * Regulation (FAR) Subpart 12.6 ** for ********** and for ************ as appl... Iowa, United States
    9. This is a combined for items in with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6, as with ** in this notice. The number is and is issued as a Request for Quote (RFQ), unless herein. The ... Virginia, United States
    10. NSN 7R----5-ZW, REF NR QTY 17 EA, FOB ORIGIN. The ** does not have in its * or legible data to this part/contract repair from other than the current ** parties may obtain copies of ********* Pennsylvania, United States
    11. Title: Request for ** (RFI) for Fresh Bread and Bakery support for DLA Troop Support to in New York (Fort Drum Army Base) area. ** Valued This is a Request for ** DLA Troop * ("Ag... Pennsylvania, United States
    12. This RFP is for design and development for a new website for ** Posted: 13th, *** to submit written 27th, *** for Skin Care to answer written October 4th, **... California, United States
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