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    1. ADVANCE NOTICE Solicitation: Project Rail Heavy Repair ********* Overhaul and New ********** West Yard of Work The Area Transit (WMATA) is seeking the ******** of a Design Builder t... District Of Columbia, United States
    2. This is a Sources Sought a market survey for *********** to be used for ******** The *********** will be used within the Navy to ********** the making process and will not be ********* outside of the agency. The intent of... California, United States
    3. IGF::OT::IGF LOWER SALMON RIVER BOAT RAMP PHASE 1 Chen, Lily Oregon, United States
    4. Scott A. Rountree, Email ---- Oklahoma, United States
    5. The NEARNG RFQ form must be d and as part of your quote ************** You may submit other that you find ************ Failure to form could result in disqualification. This is a ********************* for ite... Nebraska, United States
    6. Title: DLA Complex Renovations 25031 and 25032 Code: Y - **** of ** and NAICS: 236220 - ** and **** **** Number: Agency: ********** of the Army Offic... Texas, United States
    7.   NSN PR----; ************ Body, Hydraulic Actu; DLA direct buy; ************* Other than Full and Open 66; Control ******** Origin FOB Origin to Stock ********* Delivery is 380 days; Offers a... Virginia, United States
    8. Annual Boat Maint & Options-St Marys, GA-CUIS Mary Florida, United States
    9. ************ # Page 3 of 3 ******** This is a ******** for Brand Name or Equal Commercial Items in ********** with the format in Federal ********** (FAR) subpart 12.6, for and ************ for Commerci... Virginia, United States
    10. The Defense Advanced Agency (DARPA) Small ******** Office (SBPO) is issuing an *********** (SBO) *** of innovative in the domain of side channel In *** DARPA is interested in the *** of ... Virginia, United States
    11. ASTRO RFI #2 The FEDSIM **** within the Service **** of GSA's Federal Service has been by client ****s to a award IDIQ contract program to support and future The ******** District Of Columbia, United States
    12. Solicitation for End Item: E-3A Edge, NSN: ******************* OPTION TO EXTEND THE TERM OF THE : 48 MONTHS. * DAYS AFAA. OF PERIOD: 12 MONTHS. Export Control and Control item. ... Virginia, United States
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