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    1. Drydock and shipyard ******** needed for the ******** Vessel LAKE EXPLORER II. These ******** are needed for the 5 year for ship for ********** and Ridder, Erin M. Ohio, United States
      • Construction
      • Research & Development
      • Inspection
    2. This is a combined for items in with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6, as with ** in this notice. The number is ****** and is issued as a Request for Quote (RFQ), unless here... Virginia, United States
    3. This requirement is not to exceed the ** The will be for review on the Federal *** website ( are ********** to submit offers via email to the address listed on the . ... Oklahoma, United States
    4. NSN 7H----8-A1, TDP VER 001, QTY 2 EA, DELIVER TO SW3218, DLA SAN DIEGO, SAN DIEGO, CA ********* NIIN IS 7H, ----8, A1, 9646M10P03. The does not own the data or the rights to the data needed to ******** / repair of this par... Pennsylvania, United States
    5. Introduction This Sources Sought is issued solely for and ******** only. This is not an ** for Bids, a Request for or a Request for ********* nor does it the ** s decision on the ********* In with FAR ... Texas, United States
    6. All ** in this RFI is and only for the * No ** in this or in ** connected to it may be to any other party. With this RFI, we request ** regarding your company ... Ohio, United States
    7. The work to be performed under this is fuel through ********* forest ******** of 20 acres in North ******** Park Service Washington. The or shall furnish all needed labor, ******** insurance, fees, ******** an... Washington, United States
      • Business Services
      • Professional Services
      • Supplies
      • Transportation
      • Insurance
    8. The Federal Aviation (FAA) has a for all the work with the of four (4) RCAG antenna towers and and the * of four (4) new RCAG communication antenna towers and their located at... District Of Columbia, United States
      • Construction
      • Demolition
    9. Proposed for NSN---- Line 0001 Qty 6.000 UI EA Deliver To: DLA ************ DEPOT By: 0276 DAYS ADOApproved sources are 015P0 ************ 0JWH9 ************ 12794 ************ 16630 ************ 1N454 ************ 29957 ******... Virginia, United States
      • Business Services
      • Procurement
    10. This is a Sources Sought Synopsis for a action for (ES) for the Air Launch Cruise Missile (ALCM) ********** Element (INE). This effort is to be Sole Source to the OEM, Grumman *** Cage: 0... Oklahoma, United States
      • Construction
      • Engineering
    11. NSN 7H----0, TDP VER 003, QTY 1 EA, DELIVER TO W25G1U, W1A8 DLA NEW PA *********** ********* NIIN IS 7H, ----0, *********** 40 IN, The * right to use data in its possession is ** parties may obtain copies of Mi... Pennsylvania, United States
    12.    This is for Selex 2238 Remote Control Status Unit (RCSU) ********** with the ********** system. The 2238 is a Selex *********** RCSU device end remotely monitor and control their Selex and Texas, United States
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