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    1. The Request for Proposal (RFP) JPPSO Houston I, II, hereby ******************* Please see the ******** files for The cut-off date for ********* is 9 2019, 2:00PM CDT. Michael C. Adler, Phone----, Email ---- - Mar... Texas, United States
    2. Washington River LLC (WRPS) as a prime ** to the U.S. of Energy is issuing this Request for of (EOI) as a means of market to identify parties having an in and the to ******** and inst... Washington, United States
    3. This is a combined for items in with Federal ** (FAR) subpart 12.6 and subpart 13.5 as with information in this notice. This *********** the only are being ********* and ... Virginia, United States
    4. I. BACKGROUND AND The U.S. ** of (DHS), Urban ** (NUSTL) is seeking on **** mobile LTE devices to meet the needs of * responders and ** In NUSTL i... District Of Columbia, United States
    5. Please see attached Conn P. ******** ** Phone Email ---- - James M. ******** Phone----, Email ---- Montana, United States
    6. NSN 7H----7-PP, TDP VER 002, REF NR QTY 2 EA, FOB ORIGIN. This ******** is being waived in ** with the Special per FAR *** ALEX H. DODDS, ZIAA6, PHONE ----, EMAIL ---- Pennsylvania, United States
    7. NSN 7H----3, TDP VER 007, REF QTY 1 EA, ******** FOB ORIGIN. VALVE, BUTTERFLY - NSN ********* QTY: 1, SHIP TO: W25G1U, ********: 220 days. The has rights to the data, the data package is ********* and the... Pennsylvania, United States
    8. NSN 7H----3-A1, TDP VER 001, QTY 4 EA, DELIVER TO SW3218, DLA SAN DIEGO, SAN DIEGO, CA ********* NIIN IS 7H, ----3, A1, 9686M81G03. The does not own the data or the rights to the data needed to ******** / repair of this par... Pennsylvania, United States
    9. Scope of Work: Delivery to: U.S. Army Corps of Green River Lake 544 Lake Road KY 42718 ********** Point of ******** Larry Lemmon Deliver the new ********* meeting listed minimum to U.S. Army Corps of... Kentucky, United States
    10. This is a (SS) for the Local ****************** ***************** located in Florida. This SS for ********** items is In ********** With (IAW) Federal (FAR) Subpart 12.6 for ********** and Solicitation for *... Oklahoma, United States
    11. **ALL FIRMS ARE INSTRUCTED NOT TO CALL THE VA MEDICAL CENTERS MORE **** ** ** PROJECT - PA - Bldg 7 Control Lab Air **** The of Affairs, VA Palo Alto Health Care System has a to:... California, United States
    12. Introduction: The U.S. General (GSA), in * with its *** (IAA) with the Federal Agency (FEMA), is the primary source to provide commercial-off-the-shelf, Tent Supply items in the event of a ... District Of Columbia, United States
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