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    1. U.S. OF THE OFFICE OF * ** CRIMES TEAM ADVISOR The U.S. of the , Office of * ** (OTA), Crimes Team (ECT) is ** on a basis to serve as *** and/o... District Of Columbia, United States
    2. The Air Force has determined a need for a ********* ******** for the USAF Academy (USAFA). The primary purpose of these ********* Chamber Systems will provide a locale for *********** in the of flight in ********** and safe bu... Ohio, United States
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    3. This FBO advertisement is hereby into the RLP by way of ********* as an RLP *** ********** U.S. seeks to lease the office space through the Program (AAAP): ********** ANY CHANGES T... Georgia, United States
    4. THERE IS NO ************ AT THIS TIME. FOR A ************ WILL NOT RECEIVE A * This Sources Sought (SSS) is in support of Market ******** being by the United States Air Force to potential ***** sources and to ... Oklahoma, United States
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    5. The Naval Sea Systems Command intends to issue a full and open, competitive for the *** ******** and test of (BTP) * of CDP, which is of Common Display System (CDS) Insertion Sixteen *** 1... District Of Columbia, United States
    6. NSN 7R----0-ZR, REF NR QTY 1 EA, FOB ORIGIN. The ** does not have in its * or legible data to this part/contract repair from other than the current ** VINCENT ******** PHONE ----, FA... Pennsylvania, United States
    7. NSN 6605-01-482-0896  P/N cage 0BFA5 Annual Qty: 91 each FOB at Origin and ********* at Origin. Higher level quality system This is Other than full and open *** A Request for Pr... Virginia, United States
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    8. Proposed for NSN---- CIRCUIT CARD ASSEMB: Line 0001 Qty 18.00 UI EA Deliver To: W1A8 DLA By: 0300 DAYS ADOThe is an RFQ and will be at the link ******** in this notice. Hard copies of this are not . Digitized ******** and ... Ohio, United States
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    9. Solicitation for End Item: C-135 NSN: OPTION TO EXTEND THE TERM OF THE ********* 48 MONTHS. SCHEDULE 150 DAYS ARO. OF ******** PERIOD: 12 MONTHS. ************* Control item. item. NAICS is 336413. ... Virginia, United States
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    10. Glen Elder Dam Outlet Works Recoating, The work to be the * Furnish and install Jersey and on the dam crest at the river outlet works (ROW) gate shaft remove the ladders, * and ******** Colorado, United States
    11. SUBMIT A QUOTE TO PROVIDE, AND A 150MB ******** LEASE ON THE IQO * BOARD BETWEEN (BLDG) 7; (FL) 1; 3008 RD; PO BOX 5000; CAMP ******** IN, 46124 AND (BLDG) 1, (RM) 129D, 8899 EAST 56TH STREET, IN ** UNIQUE INSTA... Illinois, United States
    12. The ERDC DPW, requires a and repair and *********** ******** at the ERDC, located at 3909 Halls Ferry Road, *********** *** Site Visit: The government will host a single site visit at the ERDC MS campus on ******** Mississippi, United States
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