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    1. NSN 1H----1-L1, TDP VER 009, QTY 300 FT, DELIVER TO N50286, NAVAL L1SS, ******** ME 03904. The is 100% set aside for small ******** (see FAR clause * Notice of Total Small ******** *** The type of ********* w... Pennsylvania, United States
    2. The Federal Bureau of Prisons, CTS Office, D.C. is seeking quotes from sources that have the ability to provide ******* ** use and mental health * within a 5 mile radius from City Hall, 233 E. Washin... District Of Columbia, United States
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    3. Solicitation for NSN / PR---- / / *************** 15 each / Cooler, copy of the drawings are not from DLA *************** LDA ******** intends to award a No ************* This is a critcial ************** Virginia, United States
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    4. NSN 1R----4-YX, REF NR QTY 12 EA, FOB ORIGIN. NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support (NAVSUP WSS) ** is seeking to furnish effort ********* labor, and ** as may be required to *** the items as within this do... Pennsylvania, United States
    5. NSN 7R----9-E9, REF NR QTY 22 EA, FOB ORIGIN. The data needed to * this part ***** is not ********** it cannot be ***** nor is it possibleto draft or any other , *** of the mate... Pennsylvania, United States
    6. THIS IS NOT A SOLICITATION.  The Naval Air Warfare Center ******** is seeking ** sources for check valves in with , Valves, Check, Oxygen, High for listing on * List (QPL) *** is at AS... New Jersey, United States
    7. The Theatre ing Center, FCE-S, intends to issue a Request For Quote (RFQ) for High ********* All and ********** may submit an offer for consideration. A firm fixed price will be ******** The RFQ will be posted to the Federal Armed Forces Middle East, United States
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    8. NOTICE: An * to the has been posted as of 10. Each offeror is to this * by either a signed copy of the * with their submittal, or by ** section 19 of the SF 1442. Jarrod A.... California, United States
    9. IDIQ for Multi-Disciplinary (A-E) for ******** within the Park Capital Regoin. 2 - Posting and Answer Clarification. This is * an *********** with a high that funds will be ** When a... District Of Columbia, United States
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    10. Proposed for NSN---- CIRCUIT CARD ASSEMB: Line 0001 Qty 370.0 UI EA Deliver To: W1A8 DLA By: 0365 DAYS *** source is 1-----1. The **** is an RFQ and will be at the link in this notice. Hard copies of t... Ohio, United States
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    11. Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and (PHNSY & IMF) is seeking * to award a (CIS) decking ** This will be a multiple award (MAC), and (IDIQ).&n... Hawaii, United States
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    12.   NSN Unit of issue is Each; IAW Unical CAGE 0UBE7, P/N Corp., CAGE 99167, P/N and Unical Defense Inc. CAGE 7CNG1, P/N will be an Quantity with a base and 4 o... Virginia, United States
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