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    1. NSN 1H----0, TDP VER 001, QTY 3 EA, DELIVER TO SW3117, DLA NORFOLK VA, VA ** Award will be made only if the the or the *** meets the ****** at time of award, in accordance with FAR clause * Th... Pennsylvania, United States
    2.   This is a Sources Sought Notice This is not a Request For Request For Quote, or ********** For Bid.  DLA Troop Support is seeking to ******** sources that can NSN:----4, window ******** are no... Pennsylvania, United States
    3. This requirement is not to exceed the ** The will be for review on the Federal *** website ( are ********** to submit offers via email to the address listed on the . ... Oklahoma, United States
    4. The 23D Contracting Moody Air Force Base, has issued a Request for ******** (RFP) for *** of a ******** Civil Supply Store at Moody AFB, Georgia. Please see **** package for complete * rega... Georgia, United States
    5. IAW FAR 5.202 (a)(13), a is not ********* Lori L ********** Email ---- Oklahoma, United States
    6. This is a combined for items in with the format in Subpart 12.6, as with ** in this notice. This announcement * the only *s are being ** ***************** is Illinois, United States
    7.   DLA Puget Sound intends to issue a for the *********** of some 46" ********* NAICS 335312, FSC *********** for the Puget Sound Naval & IMF., This *********** will be solicited on a 100% small ******** Ohio, United States
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    8. NOTICE The Baltimore U.S. Army Corps of is ** lease for 3400 usable square feet of **** office space located within in a mile radius of 720 E. Market Street, West Pennsylvania. ... Maryland, United States
    9. Gulf Islands an unit of the Park ******** Ocean Jackson County, has a *********** for cyclic of Marine Vessel M/V MISS MARY ANN (42 foot Work Boat) Hull # V---- by Silver Ships Inc. in 2014. The ... Mississippi, United States
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    10. NSN 7R----7-LU, IAW REF NR QTY 58 EA, FOB ORIGIN. This part must be ******** ***** by a on a source control or ******** item drawing as defined by version of **** Suitable * data, data rights, or **************** Pennsylvania, United States
    11. This is a combined for items in with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6, as with ** in this notice. The number is ****** and is issued as a Request for Quote (RFQ), unless here... Virginia, United States
    12. The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) is to conduct market and the of capable **** to provide with * and for monitoring, ** and (MEL). The Mission also seeks ******** on its ME... District Of Columbia, United States
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