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    1. NSN 1R----1-YR, REF NR QTY 12 EA, FOB ORIGIN. NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support (NAVSUP WSS) ************ intends to solicit on a limited source basis with Meggitt (UK0 LTD (CAGE: K0100) & Inc. (CAGE: 3CKV1). Twelve (12) Repair of NSN... Pennsylvania, United States
    2. The U.S. Geological Survey Bascom Center (EGPSC) has a *** to produce ** quality video content to inform and educate USGS and staff as well as the public as to the scientific and ******** Virginia, United States
    3. Proposed for NSN---- Line 0001 Qty 3.000 UI EA Deliver To: DLA **** DEPOT By: 0127 DAYS ADOApproved source is 81205 The is an RFQ and will be * at the link in this notice. Hard copies of thi... Virginia, United States
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    4. NASA/ Space Flight Center (MSFC) has a for the **** of Human Capital Support for the and Space *** (NASA), George C. Space Flight Center (MSFC) under *** provides base level of at ... Alabama, United States
    5. COMPLETE OF ONE (01) DIESEL FIRE HAMMER DELMAG MODEL# SCOPE OF WORK ********* PERIOD OF ************ - ******** Anthony J. SK3, Email ---- California, United States
    6. Jordan Water Company L.L.C. invites sealed bids from and bidders for the *** of Valves. Bidding will be through the *** bidding in the tender document. , Jordan Wat... Armed Forces Middle East, United States
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    7. SOURCES SOUGHT NOTICE The Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), Air Warfare (ASW) Systems Program Office located in River, MD is issuing this Sources Sought Notice as a means of * market to s... Maryland, United States
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    8. This is an intended sole source with two ******** Naval ** Warfare Center (NIWC ), 22130, intents to award this on a sole source basis to either OEMs ******** Corp or ******** Corp. on a Price Order for... South Carolina, United States
    9. This is a combined for items in with the format in Subpart 12.6, as with ** in this notice. This announcement * the only ********* are being and a written ** will not be is... Illinois, United States
    10. THIS IS A SOURCES SOUGHT/REQUEST FOR ONLY. THIS IS NOT A ***** NOR IS IT A REQUEST FOR * THIS REQUEST DOES NOT THE ** TO ANY AWARD. The DRAFT - Performance * of Work is for ******** ... Mississippi, United States
    11. Proposed for NSN---- Line 0001 Qty 119.0 UI EA Deliver To: DLA SAN DIEGO By: 0140 DAYS ADOLine 0002 Qty 1.000 UI EA Deliver To: DLA SAN DIEGO By: 0140 DAYS ADOAll *********** sources may submit a quote which, if timel... Virginia, United States
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    12. and *** have been posted. PRE This project the removal of and of * 2,500 square feet of roof with metal on a ********** removal of and of * 2,000 square feet ... California, United States
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